Labor Negotiator Has Cost Redlands $128,605.86

The cost of Redlands labor negotiations.

It is no secret that Redlands city hall has been negotiating with their seven unions in attempts to lower future labor and benefit costs.  Few people realize that the city hired a public sector labor negotiator to strike a deal.   Richard Kreisler,  a partner in the Los Angeles law firm Liebert Cassidy Whitmore, has been talking with unions behind closed doors for months now.  According to city correspondence the city has paid the labor negotiator $128,605.86 to date.

There are only two non-union employee positions which are the city attorney and the city manager.   All other public sector city employees belong to one of the seven unions listed below:

Redlands Association of Department Directors 

Redlands Association of Management Employees 

Redlands Association of Mid-Management Employees 

Redlands Civilian Safety Employees 

Association General Employees 

Association of Redlands (SBPEA) Redlands Professional Firefighters 

Association Redlands Association of Fire Management Employees 

With unemployment so high don’t unions realize that there are many people eager to work for less?  At what point does the city say enough? 

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Steve Rogers September 20, 2012 at 11:08 PM
Before Kreisler was another "labor negotiator" lawyering for the City of Redlands administration named Steve Filarski. In 2010 Filarski is the one that orchestrated employee negotiations using leverage supplied by the NO on "O" (aka Just say Yes to Super WalMart) PAC made up of the employees groups called the Redlands Consumers for Choice, well funded by WalMart Stores Inc. (WSI) to the tune of over $440K! These private consultant attorneys (Filarski is a real Ambulance Chaser) are the 3rd- Wheel in a broken down process for public employee labor negotiations, a system that has resulted in the ballooning of public sector compensation packages, the ultimate quid-pro quo politician/ union business relationship, via third-party facilitator. City Manager Martinez and his sidekick (or is that former-Fugitive in SBCo., now HR Director on Parole) DWI-DSL need to be held accountable to do their jobs for the public, not be able to hire a 3rd-Wheel attorney to run interference at $300/hr. to "muddy up the water" in favor of management. Hey DA Mikey and Sheriff Hoopster, how long are you going to let these clowns parade around in Redlands wasting all the taxpayer's money?
Steve Rogers September 20, 2012 at 11:11 PM
CM Nabar Enrique Martinez is obviously in COMPLETE DENIAL that this economic downturn is for reals, he needs to trim the budget (especially for administrative salaries/ benefits)... but instead, look at the 13 current job openings on the City of Redlands/ Human Resources/ Job Opportunities portion of the City website! Richard K, besides our former-Fugitive, now HR Director on Parole DWI-DSL's legal problems that have apparently impacted her ability & worthiness to perform the job, has the City Council told you the one yet about the City Manager's never-ending (term) Evergreen contract? Didn't think so, we need to talk..
Debbie Hearsitall September 30, 2012 at 02:46 PM
Sure loads of people ready to continue the downward spiral of wages but that is not how the system works. City personnel tend to work jobs for less now for better retirement than private sectors. The you have people that have spent years building the city at the lower wages and the writer suggests dumping these people in hopes of hiring a less qualified person with out as much invested for less? Or did I misunderstand and this was just a note from a very uninformed writer curiously wondering why magic wands don't work to solve complicated labor systems?


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