Live Talk Show-"Change is in the Air with Nicole Smith"

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Live Talk Show-"CHANGE IS IN THE AIR" with Nicole Smith on www.ustream.tv/channel/kcaatv also on http://www.kcaaradio.com/broadcasting throughout the U.S. and abroad every Saturday @ 5pm. Nicole Smith is about being authentic, discussing real life struggles, bringing "HOPE", being an "INSPIRATION" to others, and bringing "CHANGE" to those that are lost and have given up. DO NOT LOSE HOPE/DO NOT GIVE UP because there are people out there that care."  

What are Life changing circumstances? A person can become old, have health challenges, disability,incapacitated, or an unexpected death. Life changing can also be a divorce, losing a home, unemployment,marriage, an unexpected pregnancy, a new child, downsizing at a job or loss of income. Change is inevitable -unpredictability change can be frightening – circumstances shift unexpectedly. 

My purpose is to encourage, inspire, hope, to spread love, motivating all individuals to accept and strive for nothing less than excellence throughout their everyday LIFE ENDEAVORS. We realize that each person is wonderfully and uniquely designed by God, and the cornerstone of our existence is to never lose our focus on the value of one's life.....making a difference-making a change! 


 *If you are someone out there in the world making a difference~making a positive change in people's lives we want to hear from you! We want to "SPOTLIGHT" you here on the show with an interview. We are on a mission to BRING HOPE AND POSITIVE CHANGE INTERNATIONALLY. One person at a time~one cause at a time-moving forward to bringing"HOPE" to those that are struggling, losing faith and giving up on life. Let's band together for this cause! 

*Share your story and the impact it's made for others on LIVE BROADCAST. Send us a message to be chosen to be a guest @www.facebook.com/ChangeisintheAir.NicoleSmith. Also, @https://www.facebook.com/nicole.smith.10485 

  This is a virtual event every Saturday @ 5pm–6pm if you want to take part, go to F.B. PAGE above find current event-click "JOIN" and it will then allow you you to send invites. Please support our cause to bring "HOPE" to those who are struggling with life issues. Join us! Recommend our F.B page to your friends!  

 This is a LIVE Broadcast @ KCAA RADIO 1050AM ~ VIEW @ http://www.ustream.tv/channel/kcaatv or @ www.kcaaradio.com to watch live! Call in to share, comment, or chat! Studio phone (888) 909-1050.

 KCAA delivers sports reports, business reports, traffic information, a daily entertainment and public affairs program and a line-up of award winning talk shows hosted by the very best in the business. KCAA's line up of programs is a selection of the best programs offered by eight national networks. KCAA features live audio and video streaming of broadcasts on the internet at their website and live audio and video streaming on smart phones at http://www.kcaaexpress.com. KCAA RADIO/KCAA TV Global Statistics-Visits from 107 countries registered.


Check out Facebook Page below and click on EVENT ICON! 


To broadcast an acknowledgment of a military loved one, send message thru Facebook or send info to email: changeisintheair2012@yahoo.com

Tina West May 04, 2012 at 10:51 PM
"CHANGE IS IN THE AIR with Nicole Smith"**********Live Radio Talk Show on 1050 AM KNBC KCAA Radio Saturday 5.5.12 @ 5pm IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT........An exclusive interview with Ruth Pointer. Join us tomorrow to listen to our very open & inspiring conversation with the legendary "Ruth Pointer" of the The Pointer Sisters. Ruth shares about her life and how she has overcome real life trials that many of us can relate with. If you need inspiration, motivation, laughter, or tears- then don't miss this show! Tomorrow Saturday May 5, 2102 5-6pm PST 1050 AM KNBC KCAA Radio & to listen/view live on the web @ www.kcaaradio.com - Caller lines will be open for comments, discussion, or questions @ 1-888-909-1050~ Relationships with J Cole Thomas is rescheduled for next month. I truly hope you'll join me! Nicole Smith
Tina West May 19, 2012 at 01:42 AM
May 19, 2012.......A Tribute to Military Troops will be dedicated on "Change is in the Air with Nicole Smith" @ 5pm on KCAA RADIO 1050AM Live on UstreamTV. For millions of our nation’s veterans, Memorial Day holds special significance. It’s more than just a long weekend full of barbecues and trips to the beach. It’s a solemn day dedicated to honoring the lives and memories of our friends and loved ones who have sacrificed all for our country. Nearly 6,000 service members have given their lives in Iraq and Afghanistan since September 11th. They, along with the over one million others who have died in previous wars, should be remembered by all Americans. Nicole Smith with Live Radio Talk Show-"Change is in the Air" is dedicating Saturday's Show to Honoring Our Military Soldiers earlier than Memorial Day. Guest Speakers will be a father/son legacy which both have served in the Military Services. The father served in the Army and is a disabled Veteran and his son is active duty in the Navy. They will be discussing with our audience the "changes" in their lives relevant to our military service and in our Lord Jesus Christ. LIVE ON KCAA 1050AM @ 5pm or Check in @ www.kcaaradio.com, Click on USTREAM kcaatvwww.ustream.tv or view www.kcaaexpress.com then click on KCAA TV for Windows Mobile to watch live! Call in to share, comment, or chat! Studio phone (888) 909-1050 https://www.facebook.com/ChangeisintheAir.NicoleSmith
Tina West June 28, 2012 at 09:37 PM
June 30th-Saturday's show will on a subject that may be controversial "What is the difference between Religion -vs- Relationship with God? Guest speaker-Bishop Detria Gates will be defining the difference with Nicole Smith on LIVE broadcast. Religion is a series of man-made procedures that satisfies the heart into thinking that growth is taking place. A relationship with Jesus encourages growth as you learn more about Him and strive to emulate Him. Religion will leave you asking questions, wishing you could change things, and will leave you very unfulfilled. A relationship with Jesus with help you find ways to change things, solutions to problems, and you can do all things through Christ who strengthens you. It's hard for non-believers to understand that Jesus died for us on the cross, so we can have Eternal life and a relationship with God. Simply put all your trust and faith in Jesus, and accept His gift of salvation and eternal life, and experience the joy of having a right RELATIONSHIP of love with God. **Every Saturday we have a different topic, sharing life stories to bring hope and to strengthen you- so don't give up on HOPE!. God Bless......Nicole Smith "I (Jesus) am the way, the truth, and the life. No one may come to the Father except through me." - John 14:6 "
Tina West July 21, 2012 at 06:38 PM
Today's show has been canceled, KCAA TV will be broadcasting a 66ers Baseball game from San Bernardino, CA. However, we will on the Air next week sharing recovery program within the PASS AREA, & the INLAND EMPIRE AREA. Go to announcements, it's posted under Awareness for July 28th-next Saturday!


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