Ramos Cleared by FPPC: Camp Touts Dismissal of Derry Supporter Complaint

Ramos supporters released part of a letter from the Fair Political Practices Commission’s enforcement division chief on Wednesday afternoon.

The campaign for James Ramos, candidate for county supervisor in the Third District that includes Redlands and Loma Linda, released part of a letter Wednesday from the Fair Political Practices Commission stating his disclosure of economic interests are appropriate.

Ramos supporters said the FPPC's enforcement division chief "today dismissed a frivolous complaint from a Neil Derry supporter that alleged improper reporting of Form 700 disclosure forms."

A press release from Ramos' campaign quoted part of the letter from Gary Winuk:

"This letter concerns the Fair Political Practices Commission's Enforcement Division's review of your complaint alleging James Ramos' inaccurate completion of his Statements of Economic Interests.

"After review by staff, it was determined that because his Statements of Economic Interests were filed for several agencies, they appropriately reflect the different disclosure requirements attached to each position he holds, which leads to a difference in the levels of disclosure on each statement."

The portion of Winuck's letter released by Ramos' campaign did not mention current Third District Supervisor Neil Derry, who is running for re-election against Ramos.

"This is the type of political gaming voters have come to expect from Neil Derry," Ramos campaign spokesman Andre Levesque said in a prepared statement. "We knew all along these reports were a desperate attempt by Neil Derry to divert attention from Derry's criminal past."

Reached Wednesday evening, Derry said the FPPC did not dig deep enough.

"I think the FPPC made a mistake," Derry said in a phone interview. "As an elected official I believe in transparency and full disclosure. Mr. Ramos has purposely concealed his income from the public and voters for years.

"He's aggressively trying to conceal the fact that he's a member and former chairman of the richest casino tribe in California," Derry said. "He needs to come clean and release his income taxes as I volunteered to do, and he needs to disclose his conflicts of interest to the public. If Ramos were elected he'd have huge conficts of interest."

Ramos was at a fundraiser for his campaign Wednesday evening at the National Orange Show Events Center in San Bernardino, where speakers included San Bernardino County District Attorney Mike Ramos.

Shakina Glory May 04, 2012 at 01:40 AM
What another of Derry "Exaggerations" TB Health Scar, Mexican Mafia etc..etc...how can anyone now in the 3rd District vote for Derry. Derry mocks FPPC, yet Derry pleaded guity to giving thousands to criminal Bill Postmus bogus Republican Pac to launder the money to Derry's 2008 Campaign. I can't vote for anyone who is on *Criminal Probation" to represent me and my family in the 3rd District; Please vote for James Ramos not the criminal Neil Derry!!!!!*****
js@cs.com May 09, 2012 at 04:24 PM
Wow, Obviously you are un aware of the charges he pled to. He is on probation ,yes, but summary probation. Which technically would be the same as if you got a speeding ticket etc and pled guilty. Your comment as far bey one that was placed on probation would mean evering a criminal is absurd. That anyone that pled guilty to a speeding ticket would be a crimminal. As far as the scandal Postmus PAC , yes I call it a scandal. He was not brought up on charges and pretty much its a dead issue. Be careful what you throw out without facts, I mean facts. Rumor and gossip are not facts. I am not defending either side, but when I vote at the polls I will make an informed vote, based on my research. Give the guy a break. Pretty much I think you need to quit hanging out with all the haters . My concern is what is best for the people in the district and who will do the most effective( best) job period. So get a life.


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