VII Green Party Tips for Super Bowl XLVII

Easy ways to reduce, reuse, and recycle on game day.

Last year, more than 111 million people watched the New York Giants best the New England Patriots for a second time in Super Bowl XLVI (46). That also meant millions of Super Bowl parties around the world, and an increase in waste and recyclables generated.

“A Super Bowl party is a great opportunity to shape some green habits,” said Mark Stackle, Area Director of Public Sector Services for Waste Management of Southern California. “There can be a cost-savings to it, too.”

As you and your friends and family prepare to judge this year’s crop of Super Bowl commercials and/or watch which Harbaugh team prevails, consider the following:

VII Simple and Easy Super Bowl Party Green Tip

I. Carpool – If you’re hosting a party or going to one, encourage ride sharing especially if parking is limited.

II. Buy in Bulk – Whether it’s snacks or drinks, go for less packaging. One two-liter bottle is almost three 12-ounce cans.

III. Finger Foods – When someone can grab and munch, that typically means fewer plates and utensils. For those who prefer to eat their pizza or hamburger with a fork and knife, bring out the silverware and china.

IV. Two-Container System – One for trash and one for bottles and cans. If given recycling options, most folks will use it.

V. Pizza Boxes–After enjoying your favorite pie, remember to recycle clean pizza boxes.

VI. Support Your Local Products – Whether it’s a microbrew from down the street or homemade salsa from the farmer’s market, buying local helps reduce carbon emissions.

VII.Television Reuse - If you finally decided to upgrade your TV, consider donating your old one to charity or to any college student living in the dorms. And don’t forget to recycle the cardboard box that the new one came in.

“Regardless of which team wins the Super Bowl, we’re all winners if we’re able to reduce our carbon footprint,” said Stackle. “The more materials we can recycle, the greater the impact on saving earth’s precious resources.”


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