UPDATE: Woman Found in Grove ID'd, Redlands Police Investigate Homicide

The woman has been identified as Sylvia Marie Flores, 23, of Perris, Gabriel Morales of the Sheriff-Coroner tells Redlands-Loma Linda Patch.

Update 3:19 p.m. A woman whose body was found Tuesday evening in a citrus grove northwest of the Citus Plaza shopping center was identified Wednesday as a resident of Perris in Riverside County.

Gabriel Morales, supervising deputy coroner investigator, identified the woman as Sylvia Marie Flores, 23, of Perris.

Details about the cause and manner of her death were not released.

Posted 2:29 p.m. The body of a 23-year-old woman was found Tuesday evening in a citrus grove northwest of the Citrus Plaza shopping center in Redlands, and police were investigating the death as a homicide.

A resident found the woman's body on the edge of a grove just south of Almond Avenue and west of Alabama Street, and police responded about 6:30 p.m. Feb. 26, Redlands spokesman Carl Baker said in a news release.

The woman's name and hometown were not released.

The location is south of Packinghouse Christian Fellowship, a nondenominational church with a street address of 27165 W. San Bernardino Ave., Redlands.

Further information about the investigation was not being released as of Wednesday afternoon, Redlands police Detective Frank Rocha said in a phone interview.

Anyone with more info was urged to contact Rocha at (909) 798-7580 or Redlands Police Dispatch at (909) 798-7681. Anonymous tips can be provided by texting 274637 using the keyword "REDTIP."

nory r.s. wallace February 28, 2013 at 01:38 AM
I hate murder. Especially since my husband Dale Lynn Anderson from Redlands,Ca was murder in April of 2009 . This happened with the lady right up the street from me. .. I hope and pray for the mercy of the family that the person is found. with my husband America most wanted got involved and I and we we're great fortunate for this. and for all whom got involved Redlands daily facts. My condolences to the family. It takes along time to recover and to try to understand and forgive. But it does not happened . Nory Rs Wallace-Anderson from Redlands, Ca Email: NORY8WALLACE@GMAIL.COM
nory r.s. wallace February 28, 2013 at 01:40 AM
I was wondering What all was going on when driving by. This brings tears to my eyes. For the victim and victims.
Dunn Mnn February 28, 2013 at 05:35 AM
Well, like always, Redlands will declare there isn't any crime in our fine city. A police dept. that has no "presence" especially during a time when gang members and drug dealers are moving to our once fine city. The problem is that the leaders of our city are either in denial of what is actually happening, or they just don't care. Most of the time, I feel it's the latter. We have a chief who's come from a crime ridden city and you barely know who he is. Chief Mark Garcia is here obviously just to pick up a check. Redlands residents need to wake up. Crime is here. It's getting worse and no one seems to want to do anything about it. Open your eyes.
H. D. Schmidt February 28, 2013 at 09:10 PM
Oh yes indeed, America just go and start wars more and more all around the globe while our homeland is going to hell, as criminals of all sorts are free to roam and do whatever the please, yes killing people, stealing etc., etc., etc. Yes, our military cannot be used to protect our borders, so that criminals can continue to just walk in! We set foot on this Country 57 years ago as legal immigrants, under strict laws, which did not surprise us after living in here a few month and the more we respected America, But I almost am ready to say now, why did we come here, as we see more resemblance to where we lived before set foot on this fair land! We joined the Republican Party because we saw what it was like, but now we find little if any, difference between the parties. And yes, the Founding Fathers are weeping bitterly in their graves seeing what born Americans are and have done to the nation they gave birth to under great sacrifice; and this in a figure of speech! Forgive me my English and yet, we consider is the only language as we communicate with our family, and not like all over with Spanish now treated equal to English, and making America a two headed monster, I like to call America each time I am demanded to press a button and choose English or Spanis!
Arlene Smith March 30, 2013 at 05:54 AM
Silly boys there isnt now and never will there be such a city that is crime free. Dont you know that not only is our country but the entire world is not going to get any better through time but only worse. Sad I know but its true and all we can do is our best teaching our kids right from wrong in hopes they grow up doing the right thing live right as best as possible & protect our familys and ourselves as much as possible especially in Redlands every other town is seriously going into poverty and we are going to be the first city they come to, to come up to put bluntly. So citizens up your security my husband and I have. We cant rely or expect RPD to do it all for us we must work with them to help keep our city safe.


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