Assemblyman Mike Morrell Editorial: 'Businesses Continue to Flee Our State'

This opinion editorial was submitted Thursday to Redlands-Loma Linda Patch on behalf of Morrell by his chief of staff, J'aime Rosales.

Last week was an interesting week. After spending each day on the Assembly Floor, voting on bill after bill, our state is indeed in a crisis and it is up to each of us to take back our state. It's ours and Sacramento needs to be reminded of this.  Let me take a moment and share with you a little bit about some of the bills that passed the Assembly Floor.

  • AB 1436 (Feuer – D) – Would allow same day voter registrations, even though the people of California have already said “no” by defeating a proposition in 2002.  We know this opens the door for even greater voter fraud.
  • AB 1939 (Pan – D) – Though we all love puppies, this bill requires the licensing of all puppies and a report to be filed with the local agency.  (In addition to re-licensing fees to be paid again when puppies reach ‘adulthood’ after one year.)  If not, a fine will be issued for any violation. 
  • AB 2242 (Dickinson – D) – This would limit the ability of School Administrators to provide appropriate consequences and discipline for extreme and unsafe violation of school rules that are disruptive to those students who want to learn.  This bill will place a costly mandate on schools during a time when education funding is continuously threatened by Sacramento politicians. 
  • And to top it all, the proposed unionizing of babysitters.  Not to mention, the hundreds of other bills which restrict businesses from thriving.

As you can see, the California Legislature is working on issues that our friends and neighbors do not view as high priorities. Instead of focusing on policies that will get our economy going and people back to work, reducing government, and finding ways to balance our budget – they are worried about dog licenses and letting disruptive students take control of our schools.

While California's unemployment remains stagnant at 10.9% and our economic recovery continues to lag behind the rest of the nation, there are many states that are rapidly turning around and getting people back to work. Unfortunately, California is not one of them.  For example, the magazine Chief Executive recently completed its 2012 survey of CEOs asking them the best and worst states to do business.  It is no surprise to learn that California is ranked dead last at 50th – for the 8th year in a row!

On the other hand, there are 20 states at work, actively seeking ways to create jobs, grow businesses, and limit the scope of government by reducing regulations. This is exactly the opposite of what California is doing, which explains why we have one of the highest unemployment rates in the nation, an education system that now ranks 46th and businesses continue to flee our state.

Consider this; Louisiana has jumped up the ranks to 13th this year, from its rank of 47th in 2006. This is the biggest single change of any state on the list.  A jump that is due to the active role of their government in reducing taxes and regulation, all while encouraging business to relocate to Louisiana – and they are!

History has shown that the biggest factors for economic prosperity is reducing taxes and cutting regulations – just like Louisiana and many of the other highest ranking states. For example, under President Wilson, the top tax rate was 77% which was reduced under President Coolidge to 25% and revenues quadrupled. We learn this same lesson again under President Carter with a top tax rate of 70% (along with unemployment of 12%, inflation at 13%, and interest rates at 21%) but revenues doubled a short time later when President Reagan reduced the top tax rate to 26%. The result was 21 million new jobs – the largest economic expansion in human history.

Reducing taxes, thus allowing families and businesses to keep and invest their own money will expand and grow the circle of economic prosperity. This is the only way to turn our economy around.  We know how best to spend our own money – and Sacramento needs to recognize this.

The Sacramento progressives can no longer recklessly spend our money. We must tell those who would destroy our state "no;" we must return to the founding principles of this nation – economic prosperity and freedom and a government by the people and for the people. We can and we will win this battle, but only as we once again negotiate this important process of guarding our liberties.  We must limit the power that comes out of our state capitol. Hold politicians accountable so that California will once again be the Golden State – a place where innovation, creativity, and drive will change our state and our families for the better.

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SBSWZ June 07, 2012 at 10:50 PM
How about for every bill being written, the legislative author be charged 10% of their assets?
Teresa Collaso June 11, 2012 at 06:49 PM
Yea to the 10% charge to authors of bills. Legislators work on important things like reduce spending starting in Sacramento!!!
For The Kids June 12, 2012 at 03:15 PM
The best argument yet for a part-time legislature...


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