A Community Prays for Justice and Hunts for a Killer

A year after two boys were shot and killed at a Redlands Apartment complex, the killer remains at-large.

As darkness fell on Post Street, Shanita Williams-McCaleb stood only a few steps from the spot where her son Quinn spent the last moment of his life.

The experience of being there was painful, she said. She tries to avoid that area near Post and Sun Avenue. But on Thursday, McCaleb stood near that spot with about 250 family, friends and local residents who called for the community to step up and help her find her son’s killer.

“Please,” she said. “Please come forward. Please give any tip no matter how small you might think it is.”

A year after Quinn McCaleb, 17, and Andrew Jackson, 16, were gunned down near a playground at the apartment complex, the case remains unsolved.

On Thursday, the Cops and Clergy Network helped to organize a vigil to honor the boys. The vigil started with reflection and prayer, followed by a walk around the block. The procession wound its way to the Cinnamon Creek Apartments on Oxford Drive where the shooting occurred.

The gunman approached the teens about 7 p.m. on Jan. 5, 2011 and opened fire. Andrew was fatally wounded and died at a hospital. Quinn collapsed and died at the corner of Sun and Post. Jordan Howard was shot in the face, but survived. A fourth teen was hit in the leg. The fifth teen escaped physical injury, officials said.

Since then, police have been working a leads but have not identified a suspect. In August, Redlands Police, with the support of the family, held a press conference and appealed to the public for help.

“We’ve gotten a little bit of information from the community,” said Redlands Police Chief Mark Garcia. “We need more information.”

“I’m confident there’s someone in the community who knows what happened and know the people who did this,” Garcia said. “We just need to hear from them so that we can bring resolution to this for the families.”

Through a bullhorn, Dr. Felix Roger Jones III, with the Cops and Clergy Network announced to the crowd that it would take the community to bring resolution for the families.

“Today we’re looking for tips and we’re calling for justice,” Jones said.

Until that phone call or that tip comes in, Williams-McCaleb said she waits and prays.

“There’s been a lot of frustration,” Williams-McCaleb said. “I can’t really say anger. I believe in the Lord. I know that I have to have patience. I’m trying to exercise as much patience as can possibly muster because I know that it’s going to happen. They are going to catch who did this to these boys.”


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