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English Man, 21, Accused of Lewd Acts with 13-Year-Old Girl at Redlands Motel

Adam James Michael Robinson was arrested at 6 p.m. Thursday Dec. 27 at the Good Nite Inn, 1675 Industrial Park Ave., according to inmate records.

A 21-year-old man who recently jetted from England was arrested Thursday at a Redlands motel and accused of committing lewd acts with a 13-year-old Highland girl he met online, Redlands police said Friday.

"He was in England and she was here when he met her in an internet chatroom," Redlands police Detective Andy Capps said in a phone interview. "The relationship was discovered by the victim's parents."

Adam James Michael Robinson was arrested at 6 p.m. Thursday Dec. 27 at the Good Nite Inn, 1675 Industrial Park Ave., according to inmate records.

Robinson and the girl had communicated online over the past year before he allegedly flew to California on Dec. 15 and came to Redlands, according to Capps.

"Authorities learned of the relationship when the victim's parents brought the victim to the San Bernardino County Sheriff's Department Highland Station to report the lewd acts," Capps said in a statement.

Sheriff's detectives in Highland notified Redlands police the suspect was staying in a room at the Good Nite Inn, where the lewd acts were alleged to have occurred.

Redlands police identified the suspect, obtained a search warrant for his room and vehicle, and arrested Robinson when he left his room Thursday evening, Capps said.

"Evidence was recovered from the suspect's motel room and vehicle, linking him to the victim," Capps said.

Robinson was booked on suspicion of committing lewd acts with a minor at West Valley Detention Center in Rancho Cucamonga.

Robinson's bail was set at $1 million and Immigration and Naturalization Service officials have placed a hold on him, Capps said. Investigators from the Department of Homeland Security assisted Redlands police and the Sheriff's Department.

"We are interested if there are any other minors in the area that may have been conacted by him on the internet," Capps said. "We have no reason to believe that there are other vicitms, but there may be. The guy came a long way for this."

Robinson is from Fleetwood and Hampshire in England, Capps said. Fleetwood is a small town in northwest Lancashire, and Hampshire is a county on the southern coast of England.

Redlands is in southwest San Bernardino County about 60 miles east of downtown Los Angeles.

Anyone with more information about this case or about other possible victims was urged to call Capps at (909) 798-7642 or Redlands police dispatch at (909) 798-7681.

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James Gale December 28, 2012 at 11:09 PM
Glad they caught him. Now let's hope he doesn't get out and hurt someone else.
Gregory Brittain December 28, 2012 at 11:58 PM
I wonder how long before he's back on the streets.
jerryflores December 29, 2012 at 01:21 PM
Of course he should be prosecuted, if found guilty. What about the young girl? The law should also apply to the young girl, minor or not. Obviously, this was with her consent or she wouldn't have gone to his room. As it is, he may go to prison, she gets a slap on the hand and perhaps, continue doing what she does; if that's the case. There needs to be some control for minors in situations like this. A slap on the hand and "don't do it again", isn't enough.
Lorraine Pozniak December 29, 2012 at 06:46 PM
What would you have her charged with...PROSTITUTION? I'm not sure if the guy will see any jail-time here; they'll probably just deport him. It's the anybody's at fault, it's her PARENTS. Who lets 13 year old go anywhere alone, in this day and age?
Michael J Woods December 30, 2012 at 08:03 PM
As a minor she dose not have the mental capacity to comprehend the results of her actions; he is a predator and took advantage of this, he knew what he was doing and now he is going to be punished. Do not punish victims for offenders; she is a victim and needs support and help to get through this and heal from her experiences.
Kevin December 30, 2012 at 09:51 PM
What law should apply to her? I don't know exactly how it work in the US, but here in the UK we have something called a "victim", and then we have something called a "Criminal". So who's her victim? To put it simply, under British law he would have committed the offence of "sexual activity with a child". Now, in theory, she could be guilty of incitement of that offence...but she would be in what's called a "protected category" i.e. she's the person that the offence is designed to protect...so she would not be charged. Same with kids who take nude pictures of themselves to send to adults...technically they've taken an indecent image of a child and distributed an indecent image of a child...but again those laws were designed to protect the child so they're not charged as they're the victim.
jerryflores December 30, 2012 at 10:16 PM
Michael, I certainly agree with you, however, I am talking from experience. I have a friend whose niece, at age 16, and her friend, also 16, befriended an older man, whom they called their "friend". Their "friend" provided them not only with money, but more or less whatever they wanted in return for sexual favors. Eventually he left town without notice.My friend's daughter became pregnant at age 17. She cried wolf but the "friend" could not be tracked down with the name the girls provided the officials. Her parents arranged counseling for her, she was fine and doing well for about four months when she confided to a cousin that she was pregnant. The man she accused of fathering her child was a member of her friends' family. He denied it. At age 17 she delivered a baby boy. DNA was taken of both the man she accused and the child; only to find out he was not the father. She named two other possibles. They were cleared as not fathering her child either. She never could name the right man who impregnated her. Perhaps this is an isolated case. It just doesn't seem fair that young girls can continue this behavior and when things don't go their way they cry wolf; someone goes to jail and they continue their with their MO.
Michael J Woods December 30, 2012 at 10:37 PM
I see what you are saying but the context of the cases are very different; im not sure what the age of consent was in the case you mention but if under-age whatever the girls actions they cannot be held responsible. In the situation above even though there was consent of the girl she has no legal position to give that consent and therefore the consent is null and void. This individual flew halfway around the world and im sure left a very traceable record of the process of building the friendship (grooming) with this girl. I'm sure either he was lying about his age or the other way around, either that or he knew her age all along and continued with his actions. From a standpoint of responsibility it has to lay with the adult in any situation like this, the only way blame could be taken away or reduced in gravity is if the child in the equation could be proven to have been very convincing. Even girls that look older instantly give themselves away with their mannerisms and other general behaviour. If her thought she was older and did not notice when he met her he is one very stupid individual but stupidity is no defence.
jerryflores December 31, 2012 at 07:25 AM
Michael, I don't disagree with you, yes, of course children must be protected and I, in no way condone this guys' behavior. A sexual predator and stupid creep, he is. So now, for his stupidity he sits in jail with bond set at $1 million dollars. I am not suggesting that children should be charged with any offense, yes, they are a "victim". However, as kids mature, they have questions about the facts of life, but sex is something that is just not talked about, period! Their questions go ignored. When parents fail to inform/discuss such issues with their children it won't go away. They "want to know" how it is and how it feels and will eventually seek out their curiosity or find an answer one way or another. In the case of my friend's daughter; when she made her accusation against an innocent man, it caused him his marriage, his job, ousted by his family and friends and labeled a "child rapist". When a young girl as such calls wolf, people are quick to judge and assume guilt against the accused. Although, there was no evidence found to prove guilt, this man lived a life of pure hell! He was eventually cleared of any wrong doing. It was then that she admitted she had never had sex with this man, but picked him because "she liked him". This poor innocent man could have gone to prison for years if it were not for DNA. Be it what it may be, there should be some sort of action against the "victim" if the "victim" is not credible.
Kevin December 31, 2012 at 06:15 PM
What you're talking about is perjury or making a false report to police. That is a crime. It always has been and there's nothing anywhere in this article or in any of the other posters' comments to suggest otherwise. You're not making much sense and seem to be altering your statement as you go along. At first you said "the law should apply to this girl, minor or not" and said that all she's getting is a "slap on the wrist". She's NOT getting a slap on the wrist because there's no suggestion she did anything wrong. She's been taken advantage of by this guy. The age of consent is there BECAUSE little girls and boys make stupid decisions and that's why it's illegal to have sexual contact with them. Now you're saying you think children SHOULD be protected and you AREN'T suggesting she should be charged with any offence....when clearly you were. There is no suggestion that this girl has made this up - he's British and has flown 6000 miles to go there and has clearly been in contact with her for some time. He clearly CANNOT be some random guy she's picked on because she shouldn't even know him.
Duncan January 03, 2013 at 01:32 PM
Fleetwood, Lancashire and Fleet, Hampshire are two totally different places and counties. Reading local newspapers, I understand that this person is from Fleet, Hampshire. A small affluent town in the South of England, UK. Hope this helps.
manny madoshi January 03, 2013 at 05:41 PM
Personally, I dont see this guy just getting deported. Federal guidelines call for either 3, 6 or 8 years for each charge (before any enhancements), and he had 6 individual charges so far. That's before they add on any additional charges once the prosecutor gets a good look at the case. I reckon he will have to take a plea, and sit it out in prison for a number of years. As a Brit who lives in USA, i feel ashamed that this guy who did this is from my Motherland! And IMHO, the poor girl is 100% a victim - he could have been a mentor to her, given her good advice and stayed where he was in UK, but he chose to take advantage of her immaturity to his own sick gain. No sympathy whatsoever for him, he should stay in prison as long as the law allows..
Michael J Woods January 14, 2013 at 05:07 PM
Kevin January 15, 2013 at 01:57 AM
yeah, I was looking at it like that too. Apparently they can give you extra counts not just based on the days he saw her but also it's one count if he touches her breasts, another if he touches her backside then another if....you get the picture. Plus Kidnap charges are a good bet, since he lured her somewhere for sexual reasons. Two counts since there were two days he saw her. Then attempted Kidnap for the third day when she was due there but he got arrested. Probably a whole load of charges once they get hold of the computer records showing what he's been saying to her online. I'm guessing that if there's any child porn on his computer that that would be out of their jurisdiction since he's probably left it in the UK....could be a laptop though and he may have brought it. He's looking at a plea deal or taking a gamble on a VERY long sentence since all those sentences will be consecutive. I


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