Lighter Sparks Oven Fire in Redlands

Crews were called to San Mateo Street on a report of an oven fire.

A butane lighter accidentally left in a broiler sparked a fire in an apartment oven Wednesday.

Fire crews, however, quickly contained and extinguished the flames, said Carl Baker, spokesman for the Redlands Fire Department. No one was injured, he added.

The fire was reported about noon on Dec. 4, on North San Mateo Street, Baker said. Redlands Police had evacuated the apartment before firefighters arrived.

Fire officials looking into the cause of the fire learned that the broiler section of the oven had recently been repaired, Baker said. It appeared that’s when the lighter may have been left inside.

When the broiler was turned on, the lighter exploded. While the fire was contained to the oven, smoke did billow throughout the apartment, Baker said.

There damage is estimated at $1,500.

“It is important to remember the broiler is exposed to heat every time the oven is used,” Baker said. “Some people use their broilers to store assorted kitchen items which can result in fires. Never use the oven or broiler for storage and keep them clean.”


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