Ramos Campaign Responds to Derry's Endorsement by Probation Officers

Andre Levesque, spokesman for James Ramos' campaign for Third District supervisor, responded in an email Tuesday afternoon.

Third District challenger James Ramos responded Tuesday afternoon to incumbent Supervisor Neil Derry's endorsement by the San Bernardino County Probation Officers Association.

"Of course Neil Derry is getting the support probation officers, he's good for their business," Andre Levesque, Ramos for Supervisor campaign spokesman said in an email. "As the only elected official I know of currently serving a sentence of 3 years on probation."

The Third District includes Redlands and Loma Linda.

Derry's campaign for re-election touted the endorsement by county probation officers earlier Tuesday.

"The San Bernardino County Probation Officers Association announces our endorsement of Neil Derry for re-election to the Board of Supervisors," President Ricque Belluscio said in a statement released by Derry's campaign. "Mr. Derry has a strong record of support for law enforcement."

Derry is running for re-election in the county's Third District against Ramos, former San Manuel Band of Mission Indians chairman, and Jim Bagley, former councilman and mayor of Twentynine Palms.

Derry's campaign touted support from other public safety organizations and leaders, including the San Bernardino Police Officers Association, San Bernardino County Professional Firefighters, Barstow Police Officers Association, San Bernardino City Professional Firefighters, and retired San Bernardino County District Attorney Dennis Stout.

"The strong support I am receiving from Law Enforcement clearly demonstrates the false nature of the desperate political charges being made by my opponent," Derry said in a prepared statement.

Derry and Ramos have fought a contentious campaign for the past year, and they in mailers and followup interviews.

All three candidates met with Redlands-Loma Linda Patch recently for one-on-one interviews to discuss their backgrounds, formative experiences, and challenges they've faced to date. Click , and to read more.

Election day is June 5. An outright winner must take 50 percent of the vote plus one. Otherwise the top two finishers run-off in November.

Redistricting has changed the Third District by excluding the Lake Arrowhead area, and including Lucerne Valley and Barstow. The redrawn Third District is now home to about 407,000 residents and it covers roughly 2,700 square miles.

The Third District has 183,000 registered voters, including 75,000 registered Republicans, 62,000 registered Democrats, and 35,000 registered as non-partisan, according to the county elections office.

A map of the redrawn district is attached to this report.

Debbie Hearsitall June 02, 2012 at 03:38 AM
nice personal attack Mr. Zamparippa on Tracylyn, I know very little about Ramos yet I have seen so many petty statements, irrelevant banter, and comments like the ones above that encourage me NOT to vote for Derry. Its people like you supporting him with your negative banter and his idiotic statements in regards to many topics that will lose the race for him...
Sam Zamparippa June 02, 2012 at 05:59 AM
won't be baited... BTW...someone has been vandalizing signs around town (Morrell and Derry and???)....whether you support or oppose candidates, please watch out for those who are trying to intimidate us from expressing our 1st Amendment rights....
Debbie Hearsitall June 02, 2012 at 06:31 AM
Funny, that's the same rhetoric that one hears from Derry...intimidate? sign vandals? oooooooh, scary...try a real issue like the newest heroin sales basing top people in Redlands, or murders seems slightly more intimidating to me than sign vandals. Try taxing legal medical marijuana sales if they want a license in the county, go back to sin taxes, divide budgets for legal recipients of welfare and illegal alien recipients of welfare so we truly know what we are paying for...what they did prior to office doesn't mean 1/2 as much as what they will be doing today. Are you sure Sam you are not really Neil?
Sam Zamparippa June 04, 2012 at 06:36 AM
maybe you have been vandalizing and stupidly yanked a lawn light and damaged a sprinkler head from a lawn that had a morrell sign... are you sure debbie you are not really ramos?
Debbie Hearsitall June 04, 2012 at 03:52 PM
Sam? Are you 12? Why would you ever randomly insinuate criminal actions without facts or even attack a persons work capabilities without actually meeting them or having first hand knowledge? WHO CARES ABOUT THE STUPID SIGNS? A SINGLE LIGHT OR SPRINKLER? Supervisor Derry sat and allowed millions of dollars to be wasted cause he didn't know any better. He sat there why white collar crime was rampant in the county and did nothing either because he didn't know any better again or he didn't know how to solve it or he was part of it. Regardless, your group needs to FORGET ABOUT THE SIGNS, don't waste another words or thought on them...BECOME a REAL crusader for better government... move on to helping your buddy (or self) Neil find some REAL solutions to the REAL PROBLEMS this county is about to face. Have you heard of a double dip recession? Do you have ANY idea of what that will truly do to SB county's fragile economy? Old saying that mighthelp your camp...don't sweat the small stuff....SIGNS = small stuff


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