Redlands Police Bust Four Buying Alcohol for Minors in Decoy Operation

Four people were cited recently when the Redlands Police Department conducted a decoy operation in front of various city businesses.

A total of four people were busted recently by Redlands police for allegedly buying alcohol for a minor.

The so-called "shoulder tap" operation was held Saturday, during which Redlands police posted an 18-year-old volunteer outside local businesses to try to get people to purchase alcohol on his behalf.

The teen stood outside stores on Brookside Avenue, Orange Street, State Street and Redlands Boulevard and offered to give people entering the stores money to buy beer, according to police spokesman Carl Baker.

"Individuals were cited by police officers after providing the beer to the teen," Baker said.

Those allegedly caught buying alcohol for the teen were: 30-year-old James Handy, of Redlands; 26-year-old Frieda Koons, of Redlands; 27-year-old Andrew Walker, of Grand Terrace; and 29-year-old Yasser Martinez, of Redlands.

All four people were ticketed and released, and the beer was returned to the businesses for a refund.

The money for the operation came from a $7,500 ABC grant that was accepted Feb. 5 by the Redlands City Council, according to Baker.  In addition to shoulder tap and decoy operations, it will also fund training for business owners put on by the Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control and hosted by the Redlands Police Department.

The grant funding runs until June 30, 2013, and covers officer overtime, Baker said.


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