Sister of Man Fatally Shot by Deputies in Yucaipa: 'He Was Not Violent'

Merlin Factor, 26, in a photo shared by his sister, Cassandra Hudson of Yucaipa.
Merlin Factor, 26, in a photo shared by his sister, Cassandra Hudson of Yucaipa.
The sister of a man who was fatally shot by deputies Saturday in Yucaipa contacted Redlands-Loma Linda Patch on Monday because she wants people to know her brother was a recovering addict, but he was a peaceful man.

"My brother Merlin Factor was a beautiful person," Cassandra Hudson, 31, of Yucaipa said. "He was not violent. He was never known to carry a weapon. I want the rest of the community to know what kind of person my brother was. 

"If anyone could say anything negative about him it is he was an addict and he didn't have a home," Hudson said Monday evening in a phone interview. "Technically he's my half-brother, but we were blood, we have the same mom. We were extremely close."

Factor, 26, was suspected in a vandalism/disturbance call in the 12900 block of 2nd Street on Saturday afternoon, before deputies stopped a vehicle in front of 1st Baptist Church on Yucaipa Boulevard, according to the Sheriff's Department.

About 4:30 p.m. June 29, a struggle ensued and deputies, fearing for their lives, shot Factor, according to law enforcement and witnesses. Paramedics responded and took Factor to Redlands Community Hospital, where he was pronounced dead at 5:20 p.m., according to the coroner.

"From what I've heard from witnesses, he was murdered in cold blood," Hudson said. "I don't want to piss off any cops, but just because you have a badge you don't have a right to pop off 11 shots. I've seen the video online. I've counted the shots. I believe they used extreme excessive force, put it that way."

Sheriff's homicide detectives are among those assigned to investigate the deputy involved shooting.

Factor was born at St. Bernardine's Hospital in San Bernardino and he grew up in Yucaipa, Hudson said. He attended a vocational school in Yucaipa, Hudson said.

"He never had a chance to have children of his own," Hudson said. "But he was a beautiful, peaceful person, and he really loved his nephews and niece. . . .  Ryan Crook, 16, Justin, 9, Michael Barnt, 10, Ashley Barnt, 12. They're my children.

"I cannot express it in strong enough words: He was not a violent person. He didn't like to fight. He was afraid to get hurt. I wasn't there and I didn't see what happened, so I don't know what happened.

"But he never owned a gun or carried a gun or any other kind of weapon, that I know of," Hudson said.

Asked about where Factor lived most recently, Hudson said, "Most recently he didn't have his own place, he had just got out of Set Free.

"He had a drug and alcohol problem," Hudson said. "He was at the ranch in Cabazon, and at the Set Free Church in Yucaipa, but he wasn't able to stay sober."

Asked about the woman who was with Factor on Saturday during the alleged vandalism/disturbance, Hudson said, "They were dating, they had been dating on and off."

Hudson said she hadn't spoken to the woman since her brother died. She said she hopes people in Yucaipa will consider her brother and his life before they pass judgment.

The photo she shared of Factor was taken in February this year, while he was still at Set Free, Hudson said.

"I want other people to care about what happened," she said. "I think in the photo you can see his warmth, the love in his eyes."

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Jeremiah July 12, 2013 at 09:19 AM
Yucaipa Truth - I guess you missed what I said in my last post. It has never been about me getting the results of the investigation. It is about the results will never be released or made public unless the pressure is kept on. It isn't in the best interest of the police to do so. It has never been about Merlin's character - he chose to be a low-life user. It has never been about the officer's character - I doubt he got up looking to kill anyone and I am sure he was in fear of his life. **** What it is about is the police losing control of a situation through errors in handling that precipitated a situation where a fatal mistake was made. It is their job to bring a felon to justice - not dispense justice. No matter what Merlin did or how combative he was, their job was to get him in jail until charges were filed if the DA decided there was enough evidence. **** What you and others fail to see is the slippery slope we are on in blindly accepting that if the police shoot someone it is automatically justified. A shooting rather than a capture subverts our justice system, and a belief that the police are always right leads to a police state. **** Shootings are justified only if every other option has been used to capture the suspect - including waiting him out. A large question is raised when unarmed suspects are shot and witnesses on the scene tell a different story than the police. There is also the problem that two officers approached the vehicle and initiated contact that lead to the mistake rather than having him exit the vehicle and maintaining control and calling for back-up if he didn't. Regardless of Merlin's character or the police intent, that is what lead to the situation of an unarmed suspect being shot. Sure, Merlin should not have fought with them while they were dragging him out - but the situation was caused by police approaching a suspect before he was out of the vehicle and on the ground. That could have been a fatal mistake for them if Merlin had had a weapon and his intent was to use it. He would have shot them as they approached. Jeremiah
concerned citizen July 12, 2013 at 10:16 AM
ACH--why don't you go play out in the middle of a busy freeway?
shawn July 12, 2013 at 01:31 PM
Call for back up Jeremia? Did you ever think 2 officers approaching the vehicle is "back up"The majority of the time there are only 2 Deputies working Yucaipa.I you see more then that thats because the city of Yucaipa pays for the Sheriffs department to be the citys police. The rest patrol the county area that are Mentone,Oak Glenn,Forest Falls, and everything in the Mountains all the ways to Big Bear. Yes they can ask for back up. Lets be honest if your in Yucaipa and something happens you better pray that your back up is not on a call in Angeles Oaks. You need to seriously stop assuming everything that you say in your post. yes you have the right to express your opinions, but please understand when you "believe what the police did,heard what other people may have witnessed or said or witnessed,or some type of video is all Her-say...I know I keep saying this but please if you want to understand what the investigation with this shooting is about you have to understand what the meaning is.
shawn July 12, 2013 at 01:42 PM
ACH, I would so love for you to give me a history lesson. on Government. The whole I came out of is College in the United States Marine Corps, that fought for your right to say everything that you are allowed to say..That would be your FIRST amendment if you want to start with my history lesson. t
Jeremiah July 12, 2013 at 11:35 PM
ATC and everyone else - I have a question on the other side. Where does it say there wasn't a weapon? It would be just as unfair for us to say there wasn't and make the officers look bad if there was. **** Here is a little bit of information I have been able to find out - not much, but it clarifies what the warrants and record of Mr. Factor were. ** " A man with Factor’s name was placed on three years' probation Nov. 12 in San Bernardino County Superior Court after pleading guilty to burglary and being ordered to serve 13 days in jail, with credit for 13 days already served, court records show. Arrest warrants were issued this year for that person for failing to appear in court on May 6 to answer misdemeanor charges of theft and providing a false name to a police officer, according to court records." ** Hopefully that will add a little perspective about the "felony warrants" and why the police officer "feared for his life". The person I spoke to at the office would not confirm there was or was not a weapon - saying only that she wasn't aware of any investigation and didn't have that information. I didn't get the impression she was trying to cover it up - my impression was she truly didn't know. **** So really the only thing more we know now are what the warrants were for and what Mr.Factor's record was. I'm hoping that whoever said here he didn't have a weapon can verify that someone in authority has actually said that - it would lay another question to rest. It doesn't appear there was one but we don't actually know that any more than we know there was. Jeremiah
Victoria July 13, 2013 at 11:06 AM
ATC....I have personal experience with Yucaipa cops. They can't correctly serve a restraining order, they can't write a decent and honest police report, they have shot and killed other citizens of Yucaipa and yes, I know this all to be true. Ask my criminal law attny husband....he can tell you.
Victoria July 13, 2013 at 11:54 AM
Yucaipa Truth....hahahaha, funny name. However, if you think that the investigations the "outside" folks do when a cop shoots someone is honest, fair and transparent, you're extremely naive. Very, very, very few cops are determined guilty of an unjustified shooting. Only a handful get busted and that's because someone had the good sense to video tape it up close with sound. Even then it's almost impossible to convict a cop...they are the largest gang in America with a license to kill. If you really want to be a gang member and have the world say it's okay, be a cop. They have the same sort of codes and "rules" any other gang has.
shawn July 13, 2013 at 01:11 PM
WOW???? Thats my response to you Victoria..Did you do your research and read Yuciapas procedures about serving restraining orders????? THEY DONT DO IT!!!!!!!!!!! So if your friends friend cousins husband knows so much why dont you tell everyone on here about who the deputies you are talking about who was "terminated because of unjustified shooting" I know my town that I have lived in for my life. I care to know,I want to know what the police, fire, teachers, government, and communities are doing. I think everyone on this want to know these things for their families. Everyone pays for it. So like I said please let everyone know who was" terminated "and were we can all view 'the video with sound" and I would like to know what the "rules" are in any gang..Who is the "outside folks" who do the investigation? So we can all question them, whats going on. What report are you talking about who "can't write a decent and honest report" anyone can get a copy of that.. I would like to see for myself that information...YOU QUOTED A LOT OF INFORMATION AND FACTS THAT YOU KNOW VICTORIA. DO ME ONE FAVIOR AND ONE FAVIOR ONLY..JUST SEND ME THIS INFORMATION AND YOUR INFORMATION ONLY SO I CAN READ WHAT YOU ARE TALKING ABOUT..THANKS VICTORIA.
shawn July 13, 2013 at 01:31 PM
JEREMIAH...That was well put. It's great that you are looking into things with this case by looking at a Court information. I respect that from you. The only question I have from you is. You said the " officers found out Merlin had felony warrants and thats why they feared for there lives" I really liked what you had to say, you hit the nail about its not fair for us to say yes or no with all of this. What do you mean that thats why they feared for there lives because of felony warrants?
Yucaipa Truth July 17, 2013 at 12:49 PM
Videotaped up close with sound, which later is edited. Next time your house gets robbed, or someone tries to run you off a road, or you get a death threat because your husband is a lawyer, or threats in general, don't bother calling a gang mem... er... a cop. Here's the problem with these recorded videos, especially ones shown on the news, and a lot of the times in court, they are only recorded from the time something starts to go askew. They seldom ever are from the initial stop, and are only started when the officer starts to do something perceived as negative, depicting the officer as the aggressor. Case in point, when the media and other sources showed the Rodney King tape. They only showed Rodney King getting beat, but they didn't show Rodney King initiating a fought by attacking two officers, one which he knocked out and the other he threw a distance of two lanes. They fail to show his wreckless driving while under the influence of PCP, or the fact he continued fighting even as they tried to apprehend him before they actually use their batons. Also, everyone felt he was a victim and a nice guy, until he went on to cause more tro0uble by driving his car while drunk, right through my friend's little sister's bedroom. Or the multiple cases of domestic abuse, drug possession, DUI. Should I keep going?
concerned citizen July 17, 2013 at 02:04 PM
Yucaipa truth--you are so right with everything you say, but arguing with people like Victoria will get you no where. After all, her husband is a defense attorney. Wow, she is so proud of her husband, a person who defends murderers, rapists, criminals. Now that is something to really brag about.
Victoria July 17, 2013 at 02:23 PM
Yucaipa Truth (hahahahha) and concerned citizen (really?), you both sound just like typical cops. I don't call the cops when I have a problem...they will only make it worse. I know what to do to handle my problems. However, the next time you are arrested (or a friend, family member, etc...), don't call a defense attny ...hahahhaha. We can do without many of the cops we have...but try being accused of something you may not of done and handle the case pro per in court...hahahahha. Your ignorance and naivete are both scary and funny all at the same time.
concerned citizen July 17, 2013 at 02:52 PM
Myself, my family, my friends do not get arrested. Maybe that is because we obey the law. You know what they say about attorneys being at the bottom of the ocean. I believe that you don't call the police. You probably get one of your gangbanger family members or friends to handle the problem. How do sleep at night when your husband or one of his attorney friends defend a child molester? You are the one being laughed at.
ATC July 17, 2013 at 05:40 PM
Victoria, you claim that : "Very, very, very few cops are determined guilty of an unjustified shooting." Perhaps that is because very, very, very few cops unjustifiably shoot someone. * * * * You also claim that you have had numerous contacts with the Yucaipa cops, all of them bad. That pretty much proves that YOU are the problem, not the cops, since the vast majority of cops are not the evil incompetent gang members you suggest they are. * * * * And why would we ask your criminal attorney husband about the cops? He makes his living by lying (or "stretching the truth", at the very least).
Jeremiah July 17, 2013 at 07:12 PM
Again, ATC and Concerned Citizen, you are forgetting that the American justice system REQUIRES defense attorneys just as it does prosecutors. To class them as lowlifes is uncalled for. In some places DA's act as Public Defenders and Public Defenders act as DA's depending on need. Both are hired and paid out of your pocket and mine. I'm sure you and Concerned Citizen would both be happy to have a defense attorney if you were falsely arrested. You both are law abiding citizens and most likely will never be arrested - but the flip side of that coin is you don't appear to know how the justice system works or have enough respect for it to not bash it. **** Remember - you can be completely law abiding, but it only takes one person who doesn't like you to lie to the cops and then you can be arrested falsely. After that it becomes a chess game of who presents a better case - the prosecutor or the defense. The whole truth very often does not enter into it - only what each side wants the jury to see. Both sides spin their position to prove their side. Not right at all - but do you know any country with a better system? Don't think yourself safe because you obey all the laws - all it takes is a moment's inattention while driving to have an accident and kill someone and be placed in jail for manslaughter. Or defend yourself as Mr. Zimmerman or Mr. Martin did depending on which side you believe - being law-abiding does not insure that you will not someday fall foul of the system or be sued and need a defense attorney. They are a necessary evil - just as are prosecutors. Without either of them we have no justice system and no justice. **** Jeremiah
Jeremiah July 17, 2013 at 07:19 PM
By the way, did you recall where it was that you got the information that there was no weapon found on Merlin Factor? That would at least clear up one of the questions. My latest information is that there was one witness at the Arco across the street who initially said they saw a weapon and then changed their story to "they weren't sure". Others agreed with you that he didn't have anything. Thanks! **** Jeremiah
Victoria July 17, 2013 at 11:48 PM
The negative contact I've had with police was because of the police that were there...they just all happen to be stationed in Yucaipa. hmmm. Thank you Jeremiah for understanding our judicial system better than the boys here...it's so easy to be a DA, they have much better funding and there are plenty more of them than there are defense attnys. If you two jokers think it's such a "lying, bottom feeding job", you try doing it. Being a defense attny is ALWAYS harder than being a DA...you two are the tough guys that go pro per...hahahhaha....yeah, you do that. As for the food chain...in court, where it counts, attnys are at the very top of the food chain. Jeremiah, you are far more tolerant and patient than I, thank you again for being a voice of reason. And as always, it's always better to have no contact with law enforcement than ANY contact with law enforcement. And no, I have no gang...oh, I mean cops, in my family. So far I've been able to avoid being a victim of the police.
Jeremiah July 18, 2013 at 12:27 AM
I'm in an interesting position, Victoria. Many of my best friends are policemen. Yet at one time I was falsely accused and spent a year in jail waiting to go to trial - only to be acquitted in less than 1/2 hour. So I do understand the system from both sides. **** People don't understand what attorneys do, mostly. They are mouthpieces in court before the judge and jury - regardless of which side they are on it is up to them to present evidence in a legal and proper manner. The prosecutor speaks for the people - the defense lawyer speaks for the defendant. Neither is supposed to have any personal interest in the case - they are simply to present that side for the jury to decide. **** Does it happen that way? Not often. Some prosecutors spin and tailor their evidence to get a conviction. Some defense lawyers do the same. Most, fortunately, are committed to proper and fair presentation. The one's you hear about, though, are the sleazes on both sides, so of course people who have never been there think that is how everyone operates. **** Unfortunately it is the same with the police. Most are excellent committed officers. But you never hear about them or the ones who DIDN'T shoot when they had every right to and protected even the criminal and brought them to justice. You hear of the ones who are brutal and excessive but don't hear of the kind and thoughtful ones. I met both kinds in jail waiting for trial - but far more of the good ones. **** I can also say that even with the mistakes that get made we have the greatest justice system in the world. I could be bitter over being falsely accused, but the system worked as it was supposed to. That is why I am so vocal about those who stupidly mouth off about shooting criminals before their day in court - these wanna-be social media patriots don't understand that if they had their way they would destroy a very carefully balanced system of justice that has made America the free country that we are. But I can't get too upset at them because they have not been there and they speak from ignorance. That might be aggravating but it is not an unforgivable sin! **** Jeremiah
ATC July 18, 2013 at 11:04 AM
First of all, Jeremiah, please don’t patronize me. I’m well aware of how our judicial system works and that both prosecutors AND defense attorneys are needed, and are valuable. I also agree that our system is the best in the world, and USUALLY gets it right, although I think that there are way too many sleazy defense attorneys out there who get guilty people off on technicalities. And Victoria’s insistence that ALL of Yucaipa’s cops are corrupt incompetent gang members suggests that her husband may very well be one of them. As such, I have little respect for her, and less for him. I will say, however, that you are a better man than I; if I had spent a year in jail waiting for trial, only to be acquitted in 30 minutes…I’d be much more bitter about it than you claim to be. Yes the system ultimately worked, but not the way it should have. An innocent man should never have spent that long behind bars in the first place. * * * * * * * * BTW, Victoria, I’m not a “boy”; I’ve been around long enough to leave that moniker behind many years ago. As for your claim that it’s always harder being a defense attorney? Sorry, but a prosecutor has to actually prove their case; a defense attorney only has to raise a reasonable doubt (not difficult with today’s jurors) or find a technicality. And of course, once again, you call cops gang members, you never call them when you have a problem…”they will only make it worse”. Your words, not mine. It seems that YOU are the one who doesn’t quite understand how the whole system works, not us “boys”. * * * * * * * *Jeremiah, I don’t have any inside info about whether or not there was any weapon. What I said was that the police would likely have released that info if there WAS a weapon, so the fact that they are not saying leads me to believe that there wasn’t one. That’s all.
concerned citizen July 18, 2013 at 11:17 AM
JP--if she can hate the police then I can hate attorneys like her husband. I find it very interesting that you claim to have police officers as friends but yet you never have a negative comment about someone like Victoria who does nothing but spew her hatred of police. And you cannot deny that what Yucaipa Truth says is the truth. And as far as police shooting criminals before their day in court--so far all of these criminals have a long record. You make it out to sound like they are alter boys walking to Sunday mass. As long as these idiots act stupidly around the police, they deserve to be shot. All these "people" do is move from one crime to another. I do not want my family to become the victim of one of these "things". Rodney King is a good example of this. Criminal before, gets beat because of his actions. The police really screwed up--they didn't beat him hard enough. All he learned was that being a criminal really paid off. Did he straighten out his life? NO. He continued to be the way he always was, just like most criminals.
Jeremiah July 18, 2013 at 06:45 PM
ATC - I am sorry, I never meant it to sound as if I were patronizing you - if I used the wrong words, I apologize. Actually, I am possibly bitter, but not at the police or justice system. They did as they were supposed to. The point I was making is that you don't have to do anything wrong to end up in the justice system, and these same defense lawyers, judges, juries, and procedural laws are the only protection you have against being wrongly convicted. For people to immediately conclude you are guilty because the police arrested you doesn't help - and when these same people decry the working of the justice system they are basically advocating the overthrow of America. Most don't mean it that way - they just have not thought their comments and knee-jerk reactions through. Advocating that suspects be shot by the police because they have a bad record or are possibly dangerous further degrades our system and the protections built in for law-abiding citizens. The system only works if it is applied equally to all regardless of their record, reputation or the suspicions of others. Of course it stands to reason that if those same people threaten an officer's life or that of another person, all bets are off. If that happens, then there needs to be an impartial investigation - what the police say may be exactly correct or may be a cover, but without that investigation and release of facts the public will never know whether that officer was truly operating within the parameters. To blindly justify it because "the person reached for his waistband" or "he had felony warrants" is just one more step down a slippery slope to "justice by police officer" instead of justice meted out by American justice system. **** Jeremiah
ATC July 19, 2013 at 01:27 PM
Well said, and agreed.
Victoria July 19, 2013 at 01:29 PM
Wow ATC, you sound like a typical Yucaipa cop. They have very little knowledge of our judicial system as well. Sadly, I have not once encountered a Yucaipa cop that knew what he/she was doing. Not because I was being accused, not because of some innocent people the Yucaipa cops murdered, but rather my own experience with their incompetency. I have found them to incorrectly be able to serve a restraining order, catch bank thieves on their "getaway" bicycle, write a decent police report, unable to respond without escalating the original problem, and on many occasion very disrespectful of the citizens. I have lived in Yucaipa for 15 yrs and have seen many come and go...but they never seem to get any better. I think the Sheriff's dept. send the "not so skilled" cops to Yucaipa just to have somewhere to station them. They most likely need the real cops for San Bernardino...sad but true. As we have seen lately on the news...they put the good cops where they are needed the most. Pretty soon the good cops will have to come to Yucaipa to "police" the bad ones....that means Yucaipa's...again, sadly. I love Yucaipa...I like just about every citizen I've met...but as for the cops...they aren't even second rate. As for you Jeremiah, again you sound like the voice of reason. Your posts are correct, respectful, and intelligent. I'm sorry you were the victim of another incorrect arrest but glad a good defense attny helped you in the end. Bless our defense attnys...and yes, it's always easier to be a DA than a PD. Always. ATC, I use the term "boy" due to your lack of maturity.
Victoria July 22, 2013 at 08:11 PM
ATC...you sound like a Yucaipa cop by the way you try to justify their stupidity. And Jeremiah, you again are the voice of reason. YOU seem to understand our judicial system better than most on here and from what you've said about your history I can understand why. I just hope enough attention is focused on the Yucaipa wannabe cops before they can do more damage. The sheriff's dept. should call a few cops in from South Central LA to teach them "how to be a cop". Even Berdoo cops are far more professional...Yucaipa needs to do something fast about our "unprofessional and murdering" cops.
Yucaipa Truth July 23, 2013 at 05:53 AM
Really? South Central L.A.? You mean to tell me you want yo bring in cops from the most corrupt police force ever to teach our Sheriffs how to be real cops? You're either trolling or just completely stupid. Oh, and the cops that shot Merlin were San Bernardino Sheriffs, not local LEO's. Also, I'm not a cop, I'm an ex felon. Also, your husband is a criminal defense attorney who is paid to get criminals off of charges. His job is to get paid to bend the truth, downright lie at times and set murderers free. If you claim these cops are murderers, that means your husband will probably end up working for them. Seems his business practices rubbed off on you, since you seem to be bending many truths and misconstruing facts.
Jeremiah July 23, 2013 at 08:32 AM
Yucaipa Truth - where do you get off insulting a person's family because their opinion is different than yours? Every few days you show up and never offer anything constructive. That is the definition of a troll. Is that what you want to be? You can't just offer your opinion on the subject without all the insults to others? **** Guess your defense attorney didn't get you off, aye? So now you hate them all? **** Jeremiah
Victoria July 23, 2013 at 12:03 PM
Jeremiah, why are we wasting time on this troll? Yucaipa Troll: sometimes cops and felons can sound exactly alike and you just proved it. As I've said before...gang and criminal mentality go together like peas in a pod. My husband became a defense attny AND worked for the PD for 27 yrs. instead of going into private practice so he could help those that couldn't help themselves. I am a hospice nurse for the same exact reason. What do you do for a living Yucaipa Troll? Other than commit felonies, of course. Good, well trained, level headed cops could have handled this situation much differently and no one would have died needlessly. The Troll sounds like a Thug.
Victoria July 23, 2013 at 12:10 PM
P.S. The gang criminal mentality I am referring to is comparing you, Yucaipa Troll, to that of the cops. And Jeremiah, you nailed it....he has a "hate on" for defense attny's cause they didn't get him off. Bingo. I bet Yucaipa Troll (YT) would have been a cop if he wasn't a criminal. Hey, YT, can you even vote again yet? Ouch. Let me guess YT, you weren't guilty, right? Some aren't, but I would bet you were.
ATC July 23, 2013 at 12:45 PM
Wow, and Jeremiah claims that YT is the one insulting those who have a different opinion? Victoria, you should look in the mirror occasionally, you might actually be surprised at what you see. You claim that you and your husband are practically saints, devoting your lives to helping those that can't help themselves...I see something entirely different based on your hatred of law enforcement and those who still believe that rogue cops are the minority. In fact, IF you're really a Hospice nurse, it's likely so that you can rob dying people behind their backs. To each his/her own. Rest assured, you will find exactly what you spend all of your time looking for. I'm not going to waste any more time here, you obviously have an entirely different perspective than I.
Victoria July 23, 2013 at 01:05 PM
ATC, I do not rob dying people I'm taking care of in their homes. And, rest assured, you'll never make a saint out of me. However, I do not hate law enforcement....I just don't like the untrained cops in Yucaipa. You seem to assume a lot and know very little. Glad to hear you're moving on...now make it happen.


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