A 10-Year Sentence for Local Pot Dispensary Owner?

Prosecutors want the founder of G3 Holistic, who operated stores in Colton and Upland, to get a 10 year sentence and called him "a money-hungry criminal utterly uninterested in abiding by the rules of ordered society."

Prosecutors have recommended that a judge today sentence the head of an Inland Empire pot-growing and distribution business with stores in Moreno Valley, Colton and Upland to at least 10 years in federal prison for drug convictions.

Aaron Sandusky, 42, of Rancho Cucamonga, founder and owner of G3 Holistic, was convicted at trial in October of conspiring to grow pot, possessing it and distributing it.

Federal prosecutors describe Sandusky in Los Angeles federal court documents as "a money-hungry criminal utterly uninterested in abiding by the rules of ordered society."

Sandusky's convictions, combined with the jury's findings that the offenses involved over 1,000 marijuana plants, subjects him to a mandatory minimum of 120 months imprisonment at today's hearing before U.S. District Judge Percy Anderson, according to the U.S. Attorney's Office.

Sandusky's attorney, Roger Jon Diamond, contends that his client was running a perfectly legal operation under California law. Prosecutors, however, see it differently.

Sandusky "is an unrepentant manipulator who used the perceived ambiguity surrounding 'medical' marijuana to exploit a business opportunity for himself," prosecutors wrote in sentencing papers.

The defendant "built a veneer of legitimacy around his criminal enterprise using his customers' good-faith search for pain relief. There is absolutely no altruistic component to defendant's continued and sustained criminality," prosecutors stated.

According to the sentencing memo, the "most alarming" aspect of Sandusky's behavior "is his total lack of remorse for subjecting his co- defendants to prosecution for working at G3."

Federal law does not allow any kind of marijuana business and it trumps state laws recognizing it as medicine. In October 2011, prosecutors warned Sandusky in writing.

Sandusky and five associates were later indicted by a federal grand jury, with the U.S. Attorney's Office alleging they were using California laws that provide for nonprofit groups to grow and distribute pot to people whose doctors have recommended it.

In November 2011, federal agents raided the Upland G3 Holistic store and seized $11,500 in cash.

According to the indictment, G3 Holistic took in $3.3 million during an eight-month period last year. The pot-growing operation was in Ontario.

Sandusky's older brother, Keith, and the other four indicted pleaded guilty before trial and are awaiting sentencing.

Jim Shipp January 07, 2013 at 05:23 PM
Wow! I know nothing about Sandusky himself, but it's clear that California and Federal laws are in a serious collision here. With more states joining California in legalizing marijuana, it seems a good time to get our heads together and see how we can align our laws. States' rights should be upheld whenever possible!
El Jibaro de Lytle Creek January 07, 2013 at 06:20 PM
Post this under another example of "Fantasy Rule of Law" Federal data quality act stipulates , science premise of an enforced law, must be 'qualified', therefore DEA Schedule 1 [nomedicinaluse} unenforceable; and opens enforcement personnel to tort; by removing qualified immunity protections. Federalist papers:Congress can not make law based upon false premise,Congress can not legislate any law based upon false premise, Congress can not enforce any law based upon false premise. A law professor president signs unconstitutional law, etc etc etc The proverbial 'That Said', a fantasy of rule of law where no one is above and no? one?? is above/below, is being perpetrated upon US by the "them" who control us. If this isn't an Oy Veh situation nothing is?!... Orwell spins in his grave! El Jibaro De Lytle Creek


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