Breitbart Accuses Left of Using Race Card

Conservative commentator Andrew Breitbart told some 400 people, many of them Tea Party members, that those on the left are portraying them as bigots to scare others away from the movement.

Tea Party members are not racists, Andrew Breitbart told a crowd of nearly 400 people who packed the University of Redlands’ Orton Center on Thursday night.

But they are played up as such by liberals in an attempt to silence the Tea Party movement, he said.

The radio talk show host and Tea Party supporter brought his message to the Inland Empire thanks to Redlands Tea Party Patriots, NewsTalk 590 KTIE and the University of Redlands Campus Diversity and Inclusion, Chaplain's Office and College Republicans.

The conservative has been a key figure in several high profile controversies, including the one that led to the eventual dissolution of Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now, or ACORN.

Breitbart spent a good part of his address discussing racism, sexism and diversity, topics he’s well known for.

The tactics being used by what Breibart called the Democratic Media Complex, or the mainstream media and liberal interests groups, are intended to scare minorities away from the Tea Party movement and their attempts to move the country back toward fiscal responsibility and its founding principals, he said.

“I watched as they created a campaign to malign you,” Breitbart told the crowd. “And the number one line of defense, and I speak this in the name of diversity, was to scare the living crap out of the minorities that you’re a bunch of racist bigots.”

He mocked liberal political commentator James Carville for allegedly saying that Tea Partiers were racist because a majority of African American voters did not vote for conservative candidates.

“The Democratic party should all be in jail for what they’ve done to the black community,” he said to loud applause.

There were a lot of nodding heads in the mostly friendly room. Dissenting opinions came out during the question and answer segment.

When one young woman, a sophomore at the university, mistakenly thought Briebart was calling African Americans Uncle Toms, he corrected her, telling her that what he actually said is that those on the left called blacks with conservative views Uncle Toms.

“What was your reading comprehension score?” Briebart asked her during her statement.

“No offense, you are the definition of the indoctrination (of the young) and you don’t even know it,” he told her as the crowd applauded thunderously. “God help us,” he added.

The event was attended by dignitaries including Mike Morrell (R-Rancho Cucamonga), Loma Linda Mayor Rhodes Rigsby and Mayor Pro Tem Ovidiu Popescu.

“I thought Andrew said some controversial things,” Morrell said. “And some very straight forward things.”

Breitbart mentioned class warfare. Morrell said class division and religious arguments have been used in some cases to guilt people into vote for bills or legislation.

“I thought he was highly intelligent and very entertaining person who can actually educate people about very sensitive subjects,” Popescu said.

“And the Tea Party is not racist,” said Mayor Rigsby. They are fiscal conservatives, he said.

"The main thing to know is there is nobody in the Tea Party movement that is interested in creating division among the races," Rigsby said. “That’s a character placed on the Tea Party.”

To cast them as right-wing radicals is also wrong, he said.

“I think an even stronger point is that this isn’t about the constitution or fiscal conservatism but actually protecting and saving America,” Popescu said. “(They) believe that America as a country will be on the verge of collapse if we continue to push the agenda of spending and calling anyone who disagrees a racist.”

L September 16, 2011 at 07:57 PM
I was there last night as well, and what that man said was that he sees more images of Obama than of Jesus in his community, not that they "worship" Obama over Jesus, just to clarify. As for the lack of diversity argument, while it's not fair to just write off conservative views out of hand, let's not forget that the entire notion of diversity originally meant diversity *from the traditional conservative culture.* If the argument is that there's now a liberal majority & conservatives are being discriminated against as a minority group, than that would conflict with what Mr. Breitbart said about a "2:1" ratio of conservatives to liberals in the US. Which is it? If the majority is conservative, why are they so concerned about diversity & discrimination? If he's arguing that it's because the mass media is skewed toward being liberal, than that would conflict with what he said about some of the most powerful players in Hollywood being "closeted conservatives" afraid to lose their jobs by "coming out" as such. Overall, I came away with a more positive view of the highly-charismatic Mr. Breitbart than I had when I went in, but he is dead wrong about a number of his assertions about liberals - and conservatives for that matter.
L September 16, 2011 at 08:10 PM
By the way, I do not think that Mr. Breitbart is "racist," but (and I wanted to ask him this last night but they ran out of time) why did he edit out the part of the infamous Shirley Sherrod video that showed that she was really telling a story about *overcoming* racist instincts, not bragging about them? I think it may be because he wanted to manipulate conservatives to get their attention & support, knowing that they generally have less favorable views of minorities (this is based on polling of actual conservatives, including those in the Tea Party). He may not be a racist, but the way he chose to edit that video raises some serious questions about both himself (in terms of the lengths to which he'll go to bring down a politician, and of the assumptions he makes about his audience) and certainly about the target audience itself. Can we trust any video he puts out? How can we be sure he hasn't deceptively edited them again in order to create a desired narrative and to manufacture a new enemy that doesn't actually exist?
L September 16, 2011 at 08:56 PM
If Breitbart really meant all that stuff he was saying about how we need to all get along (to borrow the phrase) and how we all, especially the left in his view, need to stop trying to make enemies of one another for divisive, political reasons, then I just don't understand why he would choose to make an enemy of Shirley Sherrod, an African American appointee of our African American president, using footage from her speaking to a crowd of all African Americans.... I'm sorry, but if that doesn't send up some kind of red flag for people, then I think they're pretty naive. The only explanation that I can think of, besides all of that being a complete (and amazing) coincidence, is that he wanted to make it look like there's "reverse-racism" (although I dislike that term) going on with appointees of the Obama administration - and perhaps it goes all the way to the top... Why would he want to send that message? Who did he want to receive that message, and why them? I liked the guy, but I wonder if HE isn't one of the people that thinks conservatives are racist... Manny may be onto something with that projection theory! Even though those insinuations of "reverse-racism" were easily disproved, it always comes too late. I call these "lie bombs" - and you can't un-drop them. The woman was forced to resign from her prestigious, important job. I don't think that promotes the kind of harmony that he claims to want to see in America. (OK, I'm really done now! Lol)
Phillip September 17, 2011 at 09:59 PM
Mr Otiko- you have had a break with reality if you believe the media is not liberal. That isn't even a semi honest attempt at the truth. Zoe Lane will even admit that the overall bias of the news media as a whole is well left of center. I don't pretend to speak for her, but I know she couldn't say that the media is not left of center by a long shot and keep a straight face. If you realize that most news commentary agrees with or is close to your opinion, then you may think they are centered- but from what I have seen on your posts- you are a little to the left of Hugo Chavez which means the news editorials are right there with you.
Phillip September 17, 2011 at 10:03 PM
Zoe- the ones who jumped the gun on Ms. Sherrod were her employers- the Obama Administration. She was fired immediately without her side being told. I believe she was fired on a cell phone as she was driving, not even face to face. Breitbart is a private citizen and if he did somethiong wrong Ms. Sherrod can seek damages from him. But I feel she was wronged as a civil servant to be fired summarily by an out of control emotional driven administration.
Phillip September 17, 2011 at 10:06 PM
No friend that is Antonio Gramsci and Saul Alinsky. They came up with that model with their friends from the Frankfurt School. I can't believe you would give Karl Rove that much credit. Karl Rove is worse than useless. Karl Rove sank two senate races for conservatives last election cycle, by not getting the political machine behind the candidates because the candidates were too conservative for him.
Phillip September 17, 2011 at 10:09 PM
Glenn has had to re-evaluate his lifestyle- clearly the old one wasn't working and we hope he has it down correctly now. Glad you are so open minded and forgiving, Can't we all just get along? Give peas a chance? Kumbayaa?
Phillip September 17, 2011 at 10:12 PM
@ Manny- you ask what did the Republican Party ever do for the black community? Well if bringing and end to slavery in this country at the cost of over 500,000 dead Americans (Including one very REPUBLICAN PRESIDENT), passing the civil rights legislation that was stalled by LBJ and Al Gore's daddy and almost every other southern democrat aren't enough- then consider that the conservatives of the republican party want the black community to stand on their own feet- hold their head up high- and not to wait for hand outs from a government paymaster. They should be the masters of their own destiny- beacuse that is what capitalism, a constitutional republic, and truely enjoying your God given freedoms are all about. This is the only country in this entire world founded on the ideals that will allow the opportunity to succeed for any who are willing to apply themselves. Of course your mr. obama whas given the black community a much higher unemployment rate than the white community and an unemployment rate of 45% for black youths. With a friend like that who needs enemies?
T. September 19, 2011 at 07:41 PM
False premises result in false conclusions. Breitbart speaks what he and evidently you consider to be truth. Your statements are insulting and reveal your perception of the Black community ....as a member of the Black Community I can tell you that there was never any government sponsored program, or dialogue from our schools or churches that promoted anything but excellence and success in life, that you state and obviously believe differently reveals your mind set. The Republican, Tea Party, Democrat and other parties are part of a broken political system that does not address what is best for us collectively as Americans ..the minute one buys into believing outlandish statements such as believing that any church of any color is worshiping a person over Jesus reveals how easily it is for one to buy into nonsense. Regardless of what Briebart presents it is specific endorsements and actions on his part such as the purposefully deceptive campaign tactics he has used that make him suspect.
L September 19, 2011 at 11:37 PM
Sorry, but Zoe Lane will admit no such thing, Phillip... Lol ;) "Liberal Media" is probably one of the biggest right-wing lies of the last 30+ years. It's a perfect example of the aforementioned projection... I hear this lie all the time, repeated over and over again as if it's common knowledge, with no convincing facts to back it up. I watch, read and listen to tons of news - including Fox News Channel - and the conclusion I've come to is that just because many conservatives don't want to believe that the world has in fact changed in progressive ways since the1950s, they dismiss the reported facts, calling it all "liberal bias." They have to create an enemy, and, importantly, be its victim. If reality has a liberal bias, then so be it. But most people want the news to reflect reality, not fantasy. If the world were really as conservative as the people spreading the "liberal media" lie want to believe it is, then the mass media would reflect that world. There is no vast left-wing conspiracy here... Lol... Now, on the right, that's another question ;)
L September 19, 2011 at 11:58 PM
Phillip, are you seriouisly trying to put the blame for what happened to Ms. Sherrod on the Obama administration?? If I understand you correctly, you're saying that it's perfectly OK for Breitbart to have made a fake video that portrayed an innocent woman as a biggot, and doing so doesn't say anything negative about him or his intended audience? Wow, how's that for some "gotcha 'journalism'"... Honestly, is there anything that's happend since 1/20/09 in your view can't be turned around into something that's the Obama administration's fault? I agree that they shouldn't have reacted as they did, but the ironic thing is that they probably did it to try to win favor with groups like the Tea Party... Lord only knows what Glenn Beck and Rush Limbaugh would have said if the administration hadn't acted so decisively ("If she was a white man, Obama would have fired him by now," comes to mind). And it would not have mattered to them once the real truth came out. What a lose-lose situation our president is in...


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