Crystal Springs Property Status Comes Before Redlands Council Tuesday Night

'The property owner has agreed to commission a civil engineer to prepare a plan in accordance with zoning and slope density regulations of the Redlands Municipal code,' according to a staff report.

Status of private property totaling 67.19 acres below Panorama Point in east Redlands comes before the Redlands city council Tuesday night.

The property, identified by the street address 12261 Wabash Avenue, is also known as Crystal Springs Ranch, and the owners are identified by city staff as Woody LLC and JAW Land and Trading Company.

The update on the property is described on the May 1 council agenda as "Receive and file report relating to the possible historic and scenic designation" of the property.

"Since the meeting of March 6, 2012, staff has discussed with the property owner the establishment of a preliminary plan which demonstrates developable areas of the project site," a city staff report for May 1 states.

"The property owner has agreed to commission a civil engineer to prepare a plan in accordance with zoning and slope density regulations of the Redlands Municipal code," the staff report for May 1 states. "At this time, the civil engineer is continuing to work to complete this plan; upon receipt, staff will bring this item for Council review."

Several citizen groups want historic and scenic designation for the property, and to see it preserved as is, east Redlands resident Amanda Frye said in interviews this week.

Frye and the Citizens of Redlands for Redlands have also raised questions about "irregularities" in the property history.

"Since February 2011, the Citizens of Redlands for Redlands have been assisting in the Historic and Scenic Designation of the Property known Crystal Springs . . . ," an April 30 letter from the group states.

"During this time, members . . . have researched many documents associated with this property and talked to many people that have knowledge about the property history.

"During this time we have come across many irregularities that appear to be possible violations of California Legal Code," the letter states. "We believe that the proper authorities should investigate these and other possible wrongdoings associated with this property."

On Monday, east Redlands resident Pamela Smyth said groups that have shown interest and support for historic and scenic designation include the Redlands Conservancy, the Redlands Area Historical Society, the Redlands High School Junior Area Historical Society, Redlands Residents for Rural Living, the Redlands Good Neighbor Coalition, and the Redlands Association.

According to minutes of the council on March 6, "Smyth presented her rationale for preserving Crystal Springs Ranch citing the historical significance, natural beauty and ecological importance of the area.

"Representing the property owner, Pat Meyer offered alternatives to designating the entire ranch in an attempt to mitigate the financial impact on the owner," the March 6 minutes state.

Meyer and other representatives for Woody LLC and Jaw Land and Trading Company could not be reached Tuesday afternoon to comment for this report.

The council heard several speakers voice support for historic resource designation of the property, including members of the Redlands Junior Historical Society, according to the minutes.

The council on March 6 "unanimously agreed to table this application pending further efforts by the staff, the nominator and the property owner to explore options whereby all interests concerned can be accommodated to some degree."

The Redlands council meets at 5 p.m. Tuesday May 1 and begins with closed session. Open session is scheduled to begin at 6 p.m. Meetings are in council chambers at 35 Cajon St., Suite 2.

Lou Hunter May 02, 2012 at 04:27 AM
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