Foster Youth Prepare for Independent Living at Workshop at U of Redlands

The workshop is scheduled 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Saturday Nov. 17 at U of R, a county human services spokeswoman said.

More than 150 current and former foster youth in the county care system will take part in an independent living workshop Nov. 17 at the University of Redlands, a spokeswoman for the San Bernardino County Department of Human Services said.

Called "Independent City," the workshop is being organized by Children and Family Services and Probation Department representatives, according to an announcement.

The workshop is intended to nurture "the skills and tools necessary to live successfully as independent and self-sufficient adults," county officials said.

Money management skills and financial independence are priority themes of the workshop. Participants will take part in scenarios to

- Learn how to register to vote

- Purchase insurance

- Pay taxes

- Establish utility services

- Set a budget for groceries

- Find a job

- Obtain housing

- Manage and budget daily finances

- Obtain transportation and licenses

- Manage healthcare

- Further their education

Participants may also be required to "take care of an electronic life-like baby that will be handed out to individual youth to take care of for half the day."

According to the county, Independent City is a collaborative effort between the County of San Bernardino, Children and Family Services; Child Support Services; Probation Department; San Bernardino Superintendent of Schools; the University of Redlands, California Youth Connection; ILP; Valley Star; EMQ Families First; Aspiranet; REACH OUT; Walden Family Services and others.

For more information, visit hss.sbcounty.gov/dcs.

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