Loma Linda's Committees May Get Makeover

The council has been looking at its 10 committees and are discussing what changes should be made

Loma Linda’s City Council will discuss the status of the many committees that help make decisions and shape the direction of the city and will seek a way to work more closely with them.

On Tuesday, the council will discuss filling several positions on committees, including the Trails Development and Budget committees and the Senior Board.

“The City Council also asked that the committee, commissions, and board job descriptions be reviewed for possible changes,” according to a city staff report. They also want members of the committees, or at least the committee chair, periodically attend council meetings to give committee updates.

Should changes be made, several dozen volunteers who serve the city will be affected.

The council has been looking at its 10 committees and what they do. Loma Linda has changed a great deal since the committees were formed, councilmembers said.

They questioned whether some of the committees should be merged and if duties needed to be changed. The council also acknowledged their attendance to some of the meetings has dropped off. All are liaisons for the boards.

Several of the boards currently have vacancies. The city is always looking for participants. The city’s boards are:  

  • Redevelopment, which handles the development of the city
  • Planning Commission, five-member board
  • Historical Commission, a nine-member board
  • Parks and Recreation, an eight-member board
  • Trails Development, a nine-member board
  • Traffic Advisory, a 12-member board
  • Budget Committee, six-member board
  • Loma Linda Connected Community Program Advisory Board, a nine-member board
  • Senior Center Board, a nine-member board
  • North Central Neighborhood committee, which does not specify a number of members

For information or to apply to serve on a board, call (909) 799-2800 or visit 25541 Barton Road.


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