Oh What a Year It Was for Loma Linda and Redlands

Loma Linda Patch takes a moment to look back on 2011.


The year started with a in Loma Linda following torrential rainstorms that hit the region on Dec. 22. The city was one of two hardest by the storm. Heavy rains brought down hillsides south of the city. Water and mud poured down streets onto yards and into businesses. The recovery cost more than $1 million, city officials said.

What started in June with a group of about 10 protestors speaking to Loma Linda’s City Council became a large effort that eventually filled the council chambers in December. Protesters were against bringing the fast food giant to Loma Linda, known of its healthy living.

Loma Linda followed in the steps of other cities and San Bernardino County in amending land use laws .

The Tea Party used its strength to sponsor numerous events featuring state and national political figures. , a Tea Party favorite, was a guest at a Tea Party Patriot general meeting. And he brought his fiery rhetoric. The group co-sponsored a speaking event at the University of Redlands featuring , drawing about 500 spectators. Ultra-conservative commentator was part of a book signing co-sponsored by the Tea Party and NewsTalk 590 KTIE. And former Nevada senate candidate brought her OurVoice Super PAC tour to Redlands in October. She wanted to encourage the group to help re-shape the Republican Party.

In April, Loma Linda learned that after about 80 years, the US Postal Service would in the city.


Former San Bernardino County Supervisor Paul Biane stepped into the spotlight after he failed to turn himself into authorities. Biane, James Erwin former chief of staff to Neil Derry, Mark Kirk, former chief of staff to Supervisor Gary Ovitt, and Jeffrey Burum, a general partner of Colonies Partners, L.P. to turn themselves in in connection with a .

, who was contracted to treat patients at Loma Linda University Medical Center’s east campus urgent center, has been accused of sexually assaulting several female patients.

, a former San Bernardino County Sheriff's deputy, is accused of having sex with a teenaged girl.

, two others injured after a gunman opened fire on them at an apartment complex playground in Redlands. Police are still seeking leads in the case.

, suspected in a string of robberies, was arrested. He is accused of shooting a fast food clerk in Redlands in the leg.

Loma Linda Police discovered about , many with custom inscriptions, at a home where they found sellable amounts of methamphetamine.

A a Downtown Redlands bar left a Calimesa man dead. His suspected killer is now headed to trial.

In a story that struck a chord with literally hundreds of thousands of readers, Terence Giberson, of Redlands, has been accused and taking her to his neighboring apartment where police say he molested her.


The Occupy movement that had spread across the country in October. The group started with a handful of members talking in a coffee shop and grew to more than a 100 marching down the street within a week.

on behalf of H.R. 1351, that takes a look at their agency's pension funds.

Roughly 500 teachers, police officers, firefighters, parents and students rallied at the National Orange Show Events Center in San Bernardino as part the .

by the National Nurses United organization to demand that congressional representatives support a tax on Wall Street financial speculation.

The Redlands Tea Party gathered to demonstrate against federal spending during a .


opened its doors to students after getting a modern makeover.

The city of Redlands got a lot of heat from members of the community who did not want the to private developers.

The US Postal Service served a double blow to some members of the community after .

Loma Linda Celebrated with its annual .

Redlands hosts it annual .

Loma Linda Fire Department holds a 9/11 ceremony in which they dedicated a piece of .

Diane Nash, one of the original Freedom Riders spoke to students and members of the community at the University of Redlands. Freedom riders were a group of civil rights activists who monitored how closely a court ruling desegregating bus travel was being followed in the south in the 1960's.

Several local “Angels” stepped forward to during the Christmas holiday.


Citrus Valley High School had plenty of reason to be excited for its football team. It won its first league title and hosted its first CIF-Southern Section Playoff game. Until the game against Aquinas turned into a that ended early after several incidents on and off the field. 

Redlands East Valley continued building upon its local success, finishing the regular season undefeated. Most impressive was the , the Orange County powerhouse's first loss to a California team since 2008. The Wildcats still fell short of a CIF title, losing to Rancho Cucamonga in the second round.

Loma Linda Academy's flag football teams showed off its values on and off the field. Along with the boys' team winning its season-ending tournament, the girls' team (which only lost once) dedicated a .

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Dru Turner January 01, 2012 at 06:11 PM
Gina Tenorio (Editor) January 03, 2012 at 06:36 AM
Thanks Dru!
Welcome Faith Shipp January 06, 2012 at 11:36 PM
Great Job, Gina!!!
Gina Tenorio (Editor) January 08, 2012 at 02:45 AM
Thanks so much! I appreciate the feedback.
Kristine Genegaban March 07, 2012 at 07:13 PM
Hello Gina, is it true that there is this eBay/Craigslist similar site based in Loma Linda called Tradingtopia.com?


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