Poll: Will Congress Get Its Act Together and Avoid the ‘Fiscal Cliff’?

Lawmakers have Dec. 31 deadline to prevent start of automatic tax hikes and budget cuts.

Experts may debate whether it’s a “fiscal cliff” or gentle slope, but everyone in Banning and Beaumont probably agrees that dealing with the deficit and expiration of Bush-era tax cuts is a must.

(See Wall Street Journal video explainer.) Congress has a history of kicking the can down the road and avoiding hard choices, so who knows whether budget cures will be made before the self-imposed deadline of Dec. 31, 2012? Maybe they’ll just change the deadline. What’s your guess on the outcome? Who’s to blame for foot-dragging?

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Redlands Resident November 13, 2012 at 09:15 PM
The journalist-FAIL here is epic. First, please explain how “everyone in Banning and Beaumont…probably” agree. Journalism is based on fact and not assumption, and if it was, you failed to show those facts. Secondly, the graphic associated with this article is reprehensible, and illustrates how news is lacking important and factual information necessary to understand a very complex situation. It should not contain the drama of name-calling, stereotypes or in this case, the implied brutality of Stalin to President Obama, which he has not committed, nor would America allow. Murder in the name of advancing policy in this country is about as outlandish and absurd as one could imply, and you should be ashamed for doing so. Please stop with the biased, immature theater and report locally-based, factual news which is desperately needed. As a nation, we have an obligation as a modern, humanitarian society to rise above ill-informed opinion to find a solution through factual evidence. Please make an effort to participate in this endeavor.
Bopifas November 13, 2012 at 09:44 PM
Well said.


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