Redlands Mayor Aguilar Announces Second Congressional Run

Pete Aguilar may face off against Rep. Gary Miller, who defeated him and large field of candidates of the redrawn 31st Congressional District.

Redlands Mayor and Democrat Pete Aguilar announced today he would make a second run to represent the Inland Empire’s 31st Congressional District, which serves Redlands and Loma Linda.

The announcement was released today by Aguilar’s campaign. The candidate could possibly face current District Rep. Gary Miller, who defeated him and a large field of candidates in 2012.

“I’m running for Congress because we need a leader who will fight to create new jobs, stand up for middle-class families and protect our seniors," Aguilar said through a statement issued by his campaign.

"Congressional Republicans have the wrong priorities and are more focused on partisan bickering than on getting things done. It’s time to stop playing political games and start working for the people of the Inland Empire,” Aguilar wrote.

Aguilar led the Democratic candidate field in 2012, but because he was not among the top two vote getters during the the June 5 primary election eliminating him from the general election ballot. Miller, a Republican who was displaced from his district by redistricting, defeated former California State Senator Bob Dutton.

The following is the portion of the statement issued by Aguilar’s campaign office:

Aguilar said that jumpstarting the region’s economy, which has yet to fully recover from the nation’s economic downturn, would be one of his top priorities in Congress. To create new jobs, Aguilar has proposed providing tax incentives to small businesses, making investments in the region's infrastructure, and promoting alternative energy technologies.

Aguilar also expressed concern that Republican leaders have approved a budget that ends the Medicare guarantee for future retirees and could burden the middle class, while providing generous tax cuts for the wealthy. He pledged to protect vital programs like Social Security and Medicare as a Member of Congress.
"I'm going to stand up for the middle class and work to protect Social Security and Medicare,” Aguilar said.

Pete Aguilar has deep roots in the Inland Empire, the fourth generation in his family to call the region home. He earned scholarships and worked his way through college, graduating from the University of Redlands.

Today, Aguilar is a small business owner and Mayor of Redlands. As Mayor, Aguilar has built a track record of working across party lines to forge commonsense solutions and strengthen the local economy.

He worked to balance the city's budget and turned its multi-million dollar deficit into a surplus, improving the city’s credit rating. Aguilar also led efforts to improve the business climate in Redlands, invest in San Bernardino County's infrastructure, and create jobs.

Aguilar lives in Redlands with his wife Alisha and their two sons.

Gregory Brittain April 03, 2013 at 02:27 AM
In the city council forum sponsored by the Redlands Chamber of Commerce, Mr. Aguilar was asked whether if reelected he would serve out his term on the Redlands City Council. Mr. Aguilar gave a long-winded answer giving the false impression that he would. I thought it was far too long-winded of an answer for a question that could have been answered yes or no. I spoke with a fellow attendee that night who believed Mr. Aguilar promised to serve out his term if reelected to the Redlands City Council. Aside from whether you agree with Mr. Aguilar's liberal politics, Mr. Aguilar's answer to the question at the city council forum was deceptive, and I believe intentionally so.
Jeffrey Sabatini April 03, 2013 at 11:22 AM
After Aguilar and his liberal pals on the stacked redistricting board cut Redlands in half, eliminating Jerry Lewis seat & splitting our Conservative district into 2 new districts spread from Big Bear to Rancho Cucamonga... Aguilar thought his Congressional seat pay off was a sure thing. He thought wrong. And now Aguilar has the nerve to think We The People have forgotten his treachery? Aguilar's liberal lobbyist pals may have succeeded in buying his way back onto the City Council, but their financing a second run against Gary Miller is a sucker bet. Like we need another tax spend liberal in Congress? He didn't even bother to come up with an original line of political bull. "I'll fight for the middle class, protect Medicare and Social Security!" Really??? The same old lines we've heard from every liberal from Nancy Pelose on down? And just where has that gotten us? Like Aguilar would ever vote to repeal Obama Care's BILLIONS in Medicare cuts? Like Aguilar would ever vote to PROTECT our Second Amendment rights? If Aguilar is allowed to buy his way into Congress, all he'll be is another puppet vote for Obama's progressive agenda. The same agenda that's resulted in 4 years of 8% unemployment, nearly $5 per gallon gas, ever higher food prices, greater tax burdens on the middle class, and 47 MILLION Americans on food stamps. Does Aguilar really think the 31st District is that stupid? Apparently, he does!
Abracadabra Garage Door Co April 03, 2013 at 11:19 PM
A city councilman who wish's to further his career in politics? Unheard of! How dare he! He said he liked us and said he would stay? How dare he deceive the "Redlands Chamber of Commerce" intentionally! So we are NOT to vote for him now? Shoot I'm confused. I kinda like that he lied to you phoneys! As a matter of fact, I'm gonna vote for him just because of that! Thanks for the info Gregory! Nice tie! Does it tie into a noose as well? (Your hanging yourself) if you look outside your bubble you might see that.
Abracadabra Garage Door Co April 04, 2013 at 12:02 AM
I think your that stupid. So it looks like it's two and counting. You pull figures out of your butt. $5.00 gas is a WORLD MARKET FOR A BARREL of sweet crude oil. Opec controls that! Not the U.S. (I guess u R stupid). Trucks get the food to market. if the gas is hi so is the food- Dummy Obama Care (Affordable Healthcare Act) does NOT cut Billions to Medicare Recipients. (try reading it?) It just keeps the insurance companies doing what they ARE SUPPOSED TO DO (no "cap" on coverage-a million was the cap- that will get you about a month and 1/2 in a hospital -fix that cowboy! ) (no denying preexisting conditions)( our kids can stay on our policy till age 26)( opens up the states laws so that other insurance companies (with better rates and coverage) to compete with the less than five companies that currently have a monopoly in California) October this year we will start to see that. 8% is bad but not as bad as ANYBODY ELSE these days. We are doing the best considering. Greater tax burdens?Your a tax dodger! Because if you filed your tax's you would have realized that "the Bush tax cuts" for the middle class were extended (not raised) they did raise them on the million airs and up -I'll give you that. a whole 3% (in January this year) u rich or u a tax dodger or a liar? Damn the elections right Jeffrey? Your a real tax paying, patriotic American aren't you? Screw the will of the American people! Way to go buddy you tell um! We like our crappy health system the way it is!
Jeffrey Sabatini April 04, 2013 at 11:51 AM
Head Honcho... Like the majority of Obama propagandists, you neither care about the truth or have the courage to take responsibility for your words. You hide behind an avatar, take your pot shots then tuck your tail and hide. For this reason anything you say will always be totally negated by your cowardice. So unless you (and others like you) can find the means to grow a pair and use your real name and photo... Don't bother replying, because as far as I'm concerned you are totally irrelevant and unworthy of anyone's time. And by the way... It's you are or you're, not "your". Also, the text short hand "u R" and ( ) abuse tells readers up front that you are either uneducated, smoking dope, or both.
Jason Lorimar April 04, 2013 at 05:05 PM
This "Head Honcho" / "Jeffrey Sabatini" colloquy should embarrass any reader. They're like feltchers in public bathrooms - beneath contempt. Honcho - "You pull figures out of your butt." Your figures are wrong. Your concepts are simplistic. Isn't this Ignorance squared? Sabatini - name-proud, uses threatening language to 'kill the messenger' rather than addressing ideas or assertions. (Interesting that a google search of this name indentifies him as co-operator of a dog kennel. He's failed at multiple attempts to start fad-type tax-positive businesses. There's a photograph showing Jeffrey as an overweight, government worker (http://redlands.patch.com/articles/ham-radio-operators-monitor-oc-wheelmen-s-100-mile-ride-around-the-bear#photo-10258980) - as 'they' say - "a taker, not a maker".
Faith Beecham April 04, 2013 at 06:24 PM
Head Honcho is Albert from Abracadabra Garage Door company. I question the mentality of a business owner who advertises on his website how "courteous" his technicians are in order to attract customers, while simultaneously doing the exact opposite with grade school diction and discourteous insults. Mr. Sabatini, you also need a reality check. The Republican Party is undergoing a review of where they went wrong with the voters, and the smug, know-it-all, we are better than you shlock that you display showed up first on their lists. In my opinion, both of you said things that were correct and incorrect. Taxes have gone up regardless of the extended tax breaks, for new taxes were added on. I get that information from my own family's experience in filing this year, and every single acquaintance of mine. Everyone got back less this year, and Obamacare was part of the reason. Yet the oil argument still astounds me. I have no respect for those who keep saying oil can be cheap again if we had a different president. It is controlled by OPEC. Even if all federal lands were opened for drilling, and all regulations were lifted, they would still export it to sell to higher bidders, and restrict how much comes to market. We need to break from OPEC, and make it national policy that all oil and natural gas extractions in our country STAYS in our country. Our country's motto is "e pluribus unum", out of many, one. Try discussion, not division.
Jeffrey Sabatini April 04, 2013 at 09:38 PM
Thank you Faith for your respectful comments. But you're assuming incorrectly. I too am totally disappointed with the Republican Party. Trust me, you & I likely agree more than disagree. The reply text limits won't allow me to list it all, but I will try to cover your points. First, Harry Reid at Obama's bequest refused to even bring a budget vote to the floor for 5+ years while doubling the national debt. You can't change that fact. Second, gas prices have +/- doubled since Obama took office & he appointed uber liberal Global Warming zealots to the EPA who imposed draconian regulations, fees, fines & taxes on refineries. Then there are the nearly 50 blends (six in the IE alone) that cause demand & seasonal price hikes. Third, Obama killed & still fights the Keystone pipeline that would bring the US. thousands high paying private sector jobs, as well as a cheaper domestic oil supply. Forth, Obama has thwarted every effort to pursue natural gas and other proven alternative energy production. Instead he wasted nearly $100 Billion on paybacks to his campaign donors like Solindra and over a dozen other now bankrupted failures. Just imagine what that kind of investment could have produced if instead it had been put into REAL alt-energy R&D? All Obama's doing and all contributing to higher fuel prices. And all factual, just like the 47 million Americans now on foods stamps. BTW, Obama took $12 Billion from the 2014 food stamp budget to fund his stimulus. So what will happen then?
Faith Beecham April 04, 2013 at 09:43 PM
Mr. Sabatini, I agree with you completely that it made no sense to attack you for owning a business, or for your weight. That goes way beyond the par of intelligent discourse. However, I stand on my comment that it is OPEC that creates the overall price of crude oil. We are now exporting more oil than we import. It's insanity to remove it from our soil and send it out to OPEC controlled refineries adding it to other countries' outputs, and then "buy" our allotment back. China and other nations are outbidding us for this commodity, so we lose at this game. However, you are correct in the fees and taxes imposed inside the U.S. on gas at the pump, especially in California to meet its environmental standards. As much as I agree with you on that point raising the overall cost of fuel, I do not believe that electing a Republican president will change the status quo either. They are the ones linked to oil companies, while the Obama crew is in other pockets. So, if you are admitting that it is OPEC deciding the overall barrel price, and are only arguing the extra amount added in fees and taxes can be traced back to Obama policies, I will agree with you about 75%. In the longer run, I do not think that the Republican Party is ready for the next election. They think that their message just was not heard by the voters. They won't succeed until they realize that it most certainly was, and was rejected. Some of the party's lessor platforms must evolve, simply to maintain its core.
Jeffrey Sabatini April 04, 2013 at 09:57 PM
Jason, Head Honcho is likely an Obama cyber bully who doesn't realize the election is over. These bullies haunted the web via multiple online identities attacking any and all criticism of Obama and liberal agendas. And just like him, I challenge you as well to post a photo and take public responsibility for your words. But I doubt that will happen. Why? because you chide me for "kill(ing) the messenger" then (like all hypocrites) verbally assault me and lie about my history. First I'm not a government employee and haven't been since my Honorable Discharge from the Army. However I do have over 8,000 hours of volunteer 'uniformed service' to Redlands & San Bernardino County, for which I've been awarded three consecutive Presidential Citations. As for my business ownership, what difference does that make? And yes, I owned two other businesses. However they were far from failures and I sold them to semi-retire. Then you have the class to attack my excess weight from age and injury impaired abilities to perform high impact exercise. Hey Jason, have a NO FAT CHICKS sticker on your car as well? So what's next, racist insults because I'm a first generation Latino American? And Jason, I didn't engage Honcho in ideas because of reply text limits, and his 6th grade writing skills made me doubt he could handle it. However I thank you for publicly proving me right on one point. Faceless, nameless haters will always lose in a respectable forum of discourse.
Faith Beecham April 04, 2013 at 10:05 PM
What we need to do is go back to regulating speculation/trading of oil prices on Wall Street. Yet with one party in the oil company's pockets who enjoy the profits from speculation, and the other in Wall Street's pockets also collecting taxes on the increased prices- never going to happen.
Abracadabra Garage Door Co April 04, 2013 at 10:24 PM
Wow you guys really are bored I gues. Obamacare saved me a million dollar plus in medical bills for my wife. (No more cap) my 19 year old son had a stay in hospital as well. Saved about $150,000 for him being on my insurance. I speak from experience. I'm not an Obama cyber bully. Or an insider. Yes I am a small business owner who pay taxs and has employees. Faith: you don't pay taxs you said "I get that from my family's experience". They say they went up because they are tired of supporting your Cheetos eating nerd on the comments on the Internet! Get job nerd. My tax's didn't go up. Period. Funny how those that don't pay know how much we pay. ... Idiot! If you go to "healthcare. Gov" you will see the difference it's making in people's lives. It did ours! Thank you obamacare! Looking forward to October! You wait and see. It gets better! I know it's not perfect ...yet. One day doctors will be paid for quality of service and not on quantity! 2016 Any you been sick or in a hospital lately? I've had my share lately ... I speak the truth! Healthcare.gov Check it out. I love obamacare!
Jeffrey Sabatini April 04, 2013 at 10:36 PM
Faith... First, please call me Jeff. Yes, OPEC sets the base price of oil, but like any other manufacturing process, the cost of production and regs, taxes, etc. placed on such producers always accounts for better than 80% of the price. And never forget how Obama's fuel Czar is on record for stating he would like to see U.S. gas prices at or even higher than Europe. So I suggest we agree to agree on both points. Personally, I believe Hillary would have NEVER imposed such a debt on our nation. And that she would have worked hard with both sides to produce REAL healthcare reform that wouldn't cut into Medicare like a broadsword, or raise insurance policies, even doubling their premiums to where people have to give them up. I voted for McCain, but if Hillary had been on the ballot, I'll just say I would have spent much longer in that voting booth. And I believe a vast number of other Republicans would have done the same. There was plenty of good about Romney, but the guy was totally unelectable in so many ways. I don't know if the Republican brand is repairable, especially with the media so entrenched in the left's pocket. One would think editing tape and openly falsifying the news would sink a network. But I guess that explains the success of the Jackass trilogy, but I digress. Is it time for a real third party? A place where both disenchanted conservatives & liberals could call home and come up with honest, real world reforms? Perhaps even a Hillary/Rubio or Paul ticket?
Jeffrey Sabatini April 04, 2013 at 10:41 PM
And as a Post Script... Jason, next time use Bing. You'll get much better and more factual results.
Jeffrey Sabatini April 04, 2013 at 11:36 PM
Now, if the haters are done sniping at me... Can we please get back to the subject of Aguilar's fitness (or lack of it) to hold the 31st Congressional seat? To start, Aguilar and his lobbyists financiers knew full well they could NEVER beat Jerry Lewis in an honest heads up election. So they stacked the redistricting commission with liberal operatives and public employee union members (easily sourced), denying conservatives admission by requiring "Ethnic Sensitivity Training" certificates (plural), still yet to be found on any state document of position requirements. After succeeding in cutting Redlands in two (with one half stretched into Big Bear and the other well into Rancho Cucamonga), and eliminating Jerry Lewis seat altogether... Aguilar was the first to throw his hat into the ring as the heir apparent for the taking. But Aguilar and his financiers didn't expect the citizens of Redlands and the now irate of the rest of what became the new 31st District to realize Aguilar's treachery. Nor did they ever expect moderate democrats to poll for Gary Miller as they did! And, are very likely to do again. I've already pointed out Aguilar's going with the age old - I'll fight for Medicare, Social Security, save the children & elderly, make the blind to walk and the lame to see - liberal diatribe that has done us soooo well up to this point. So let's look at Aguilar's other claims... Continued due to text limits...
Faith Beecham April 04, 2013 at 11:52 PM
I like your thinking, Mr. Sabatini. A third party is long overdue. Although I do not really back Rubio, there is something about him I do not like. Perhaps how he claimed his family escaped Castro, which was total farce? Colin Powell was always a good choice for me. A note to Honcho- when I said family I was including my husband and myself. Together, we paid in over $19,000 in taxes and even with claiming the same deductions of years past we received back $2000 less than in years past. I'm thrilled you pay taxs, I'm just not sure what they are and who you pay them to. The Untied State perhaps? The insurance companies are not taking a loss on all that money you saved, nor are millionaires paying in enough to even make a dent in those costs. Its the rest of us in the middle class who are paying for those savings with increased taxes and premiums. Nothing is free. So yes, since I do not have any health issues, and you do, and I paid more, and you didn't, that does fall under the idiot category. And when people are made to feel like idiots, they do what they were not planning on doing before, joining in the movement to repeal Obamacare. Thank you for showing me the way.
Jeffrey Sabatini April 05, 2013 at 12:01 AM
Continued... "To create new jobs, Aguilar has proposed providing tax incentives to small businesses, making investments in the region's infrastructure, and promoting alternative energy technologies". Look around, the Mall & several brand new industrial parks stand empty. Anyone looking to start even a small business runs into a brick wall of regulations. And, is even more Solindra failures & bailouts what our nation, let alone Redlands needs? "He worked to balance the city's budget and turned its multi-million dollar deficit into a surplus, improving the city’s credit rating. Aguilar also led efforts to improve the business climate in Redlands, invest in San Bernardino County's infrastructure, and create jobs." Really? Take a drive through town and look at all the closed storefronts of businesses that have left Redlands. Then stop and ask any business owner able to keep their doors open, just how business friendly Redlands has become over the Mayor Aguilar's Reign? And if Redlands is doing so well and has Aguilar's claimed surplus... Then why are so many Redlands public services still cut? Why have our Police, Fire & City Workers not gotten the pay & benefit increases they were promised when things got better? You see, today it's really easy to be a liberal in Congress. All you have to do is say the focus group tested lines you are given, and vote exactly as Nancy Pelose, Harry Reid, and of course Obama tells you to... Continued...
Tempest April 05, 2013 at 12:36 AM
Hahahaha- love it! So, if others post they are bored, but when you post you are not. What is a job nerd and where do I get one? Is that one of those dolls of those best buy guys or what? want one!!
Jeffrey Sabatini April 05, 2013 at 12:44 AM
Continued... In return you are guaranteed your share of fundraising from PETA, the Global Warming worshipers, Planned Parenthood, and a nice percentage of the incoming tide from the public employee and other unions. All you have to do is sit back and enjoy the ride. And if you play your part well, you might even get a swanky committee assignment where you can claim your share from the lobbyists and special interests just waiting for your sympathetic ear. Either way you are pretty much guaranteed enough funding to stave off any local red neck who thinks he can knock you off your ivory pedestal. If that's the Congressman you want, then Aguilar is you guy. However, if you want a Congressman who will vote what's best for Redlands and the rest of the now 31st District, even if he has to go against and chance angering his party leadership? Them Gary Miller is that man! If you want a Congressman who is willing & able to work with both liberals & independents while maintaining his morale ground? Then Gary Miller is your man! No, Gary may not agree with everyone on the right on everything. But he'll never just bend over and regurgitate the party line, like we sadly see so many on both sides today. If you do your research and look at both men, you will see the real difference between a true leader and a guy just looking for an easy ride into what he believes will become a protected Congressional lifetime gig. Continued...
Jeffrey Sabatini April 05, 2013 at 12:54 AM
Continued... Aguilar's liberal money bags were able to finance his way back onto the Council, but not by much of a margin. Nor when pressed if he would serve his full term and not once again bail on his obligations to Redlands to again seek the 31st seat, would he give a straight answer. Well, I guess now we know. My apologizes to anyone who takes exception to the length of this string, but like anything else in politics, there is no short story or explanation. And with the state of Redlands, the 31st District and our country as a whole... This subject is far too important to gloss over with talking points and the usual rhetoric. OK Aguilar supporters... Your turn. But for everyone's sake, let's keep it civil.
Jason Lorimar April 05, 2013 at 01:08 AM
Dear Mr. Sabatini, it's clear from your posts that you neither like free markets, nor understand them. Your photo from states "Sabatini works with San Bernardino County Fire's Office of Emergency Services." You look fat. I posted, "Jeffrey as an overweight, government worker" True statements. Nothing wrong with the truth. I don't care if you take direct pay or not. Your business record according to data bases doesn't comport with your statements. But whatever? Whatever? Back to Aguilar. He can't seem to hold a steady job. He was the vice president for government relations for a failed savings and loan, and was fired by federal regulators. Since then he's had make-work jobs from friends at non-profits. I'm told that he's currently a "consultant". That's typically a euphemism for 'I can't get a real job'. Congress needs to get to work simplifying the tax code, balancing the budget, figuring out entitlements, etc. It's not the place for someone who needs a 12 step work program.
Jeffrey Sabatini April 05, 2013 at 01:51 AM
Jason, I don't know what databases you refer to, but if you are the kind who believes everything they read on the internet... Like you said, whatever. And I'm also very proud of the help I gave more than a few to get their start ups off the ground. BTW... look up Donald Trump and few other captains of industry on those databases sometime. You might find what some called their failures very interesting. The bottom line is I have a long record of volunteering, cash & material charitable donations and boots on the ground service to Redlands, my County, my Country and God in good times, and during the worst of times. So what's your pedigree? I fully agree with you on simplifying the tax code. Although your comment about Aguilar needing a 12 step program is a bit over the top. Funny yes, but I'm glad it was YOU who went there. Jason, I learned long ago that success is only measured in the eyes of those who love you. And, that there will be only one true judgement at the end. I really hope you too come to find that level of "success" within your lifetime.
Jason Lorimar April 05, 2013 at 03:02 AM
Begin with Lexis-Nexis. Fred Trump was real. The Donald is a mess. O Captain! My Captain! things ain't the way they seem.
Faith Beecham April 05, 2013 at 04:20 AM
See, you fellows can get along. My only comment about Aguilar is, he is stuck between a 7 point voter registration advantage in his favor, and the aura of defeat from last November's supposedly easy blowout. I believe the latter, not the former, will rule the day. Either democrats themselves felt the tolling of too many warning bells, or they were simply too apathetic to turn out to vote. Sad that it will come down to how much money can be thrown at them to make them care.
Jason Lorimar April 05, 2013 at 05:04 AM
IMHO, Aguilar is simply incompetent. In DC he will be considered an illiterate rube. He'll be taken for granted. He'll get a nice salary, a nice pension, nice perks, be led around nicely, and accomplish nothing. He adds no value at the national level. Why should you expect otherwise? He adds no value at the local level. He has a record: look at it. Redlands has weak mayor system. Aguilar is a weak mayor because no one else wants the position. Council hired a city manager who makes all the serious decisions. There's nothing left for the mayor to do but show up twice a month, vote for staff recommendations, have coffee and platitudes on an occasional saturday, and ignore Cunningham. Aguilar falls into the category of Baca: an incompetent lightweight blinded by self-importance. If you read Aguilar's piece on the dead Mall, you'd realize that he doesn't do homework. It shouldn't be a Democrat or Republican thing, it should be a competence thing. But never underestimate voters.
Jason Lorimar April 05, 2013 at 05:09 AM
Jeffrey Sabatini April 06, 2013 at 12:46 AM
Hey Jason, Shoot me an email if you want to know why the L/N came up like that. If you are as smart as I think, you will figure out the address.
Jason Lorimar April 06, 2013 at 02:45 PM
Mr. Sabatini, It's not about YOU, it's about AGUILAR: is he a good candidate to represent this area in DC? My point in getting personal was to show that epithets can be thrown at everybody, but they don't convince, they just anger. What difference does it make whether Aguilar says he'll serve out his term as mayor or not? For me, it's his performance, not his rhetoric. Meanwhile, got to get back to the bike race.
Jeffrey Sabatini April 06, 2013 at 07:31 PM
Jason, again you assume too much. A sign of your youth, not that anything is wrong with that. I just thought you might be interested in learning something. Especially how you seem to be so vested in what your searches return. It's what we older folks call an "olive branch". Google it. And please, call me Jeff. The point about Aguilar is he avoided all voters questions about if he was committed to serving his full term, or if he was only running to regain his Council seat to mark time and stay in the political view until the next election. If anything, it totally validates your earlier comments. Jason, I and other bloggers on Patch put who we are right out front with our opinions. It's called courage and commitment. Folks know who we are because we have lived next door, went to school & socialized with them since before you were born. So old dog to young dog... don't be so quick to jump in maligning someone based only on returns from some garbage-in/garbage-out website. Especially if you don't have the equal courage to own & take full responsibility for your words like we do. I say this not to criticize, but to invite you to post a photo and JOIN us. You have an edge & view that I believe would become a popular blog. According to the Patch mine are of the top blogs & comments read. To nearly every post some faceless screen name took a shot. The same will happen to you if you choose to pick up the gauntlet, so be prepared. Enjoy the race and think it over.


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