Obama, Pelose & Reid want the cliff!

Going off the cliff from the Bush tax cuts to slashing the military, going over the cliff gives the Democrats EVERY TAX INCREASE they have wanted over the last twenty years!

Let's be clear about one thing. President Obama, Nancy Pelose and Harry Reid WANT the country to go off the fiscal cliff!

The evidence is clear. Obama and his minions has not offered one serious budget to the Congress since he was elected. And the one budget Obama did get passed the Senate and to the floor for a vote, when Democrats controlled both houses, failed to gain even ONE VOTE. Not one vote from any Democrat (including Harry Reid), any Republican, any Independent. Not even the socialist party would back Obama's budget. So now after his re-election, is anyone really surprised at Obama's "my way or the highway" attitude? His moving of the fiscal and taxation goal posts, and plan all along to raise the debt ceiling? All the while looking forward to throwing even more billions into yet another Keynesian stimulus.

If you look at what going off the cliff actually does, you will quickly realize from doing away with the Bush tax cuts to slashing the military, going over the cliff gives the Democrats EVERY TAX INCREASE and social engineering budget cut they have fought tooth and nail for over the last twenty years! All while knowingly killing millions of jobs, thereby putting even more Americans on the dole, and even more reliant on one form of government assistance or another. Only increasing their power and dependence on government as the nanny state.

So don't fall for the looks of concern, the speeches or otherwise Democrat bull swinging. It's all an act they believe, along with help from an all to willing liberal mass media, will give them PLAUSIBLE DENIABILITY and set the hook to blame those "wascally wepubwicans". Just as President Obama still continues to blame Bush for the bad economy and unemployment numbers.

And now that we know how Obama isn't even willing to place one entitlement on the chopping block in exchange for Republicans offers of BILLIONS in tax increases, the die has obviously been cast and the call is CRAPS for we the people, especially the small and medium business owners, middle class and elderly living of dividends.

So get ready. Unless someone convinces Obama the fall off the cliff, the higher taxes, the loss of even more jobs and recession, possibly even post WWII like depression will be his true Presidential Legacy - Just try to keep in mind how it's not the fall, it's that inevitable sudden stop that gets you every time.

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Gregory Brittain December 28, 2012 at 06:57 PM
Obama promised the country in the second debate that the cuts to defense spending scheduled to take effect Jan. 1, that his Secretary of Defense said would be "devastating," would not happen.
Redlands Politico December 28, 2012 at 08:51 PM
Obama also said he had no interest in taking away anyone's guns. In both cases his lips were moving. Why would anyone trust the word of a guy who seals or erases every record and document going back to grade school, including his birth certificate of all things. Who other than a criminal or person with a civil history of fraud or sexual indiscretions would do that? I hope all those AARP members who voted for Obama, when the see the AARP gaining +$1Billion from Obamacare while the dividends their fixed income is/was based on gets taxed like never before... Remember Obama's most favored quote; "elections have consequences".


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