Time and common sense is needed for cooler heads to prevail.

Could Obama have still funded his stimulus if he had not diverted those few thousands of Newtown CT Safer Schools grant dollars that would have placed a School Police Officer in Sandy Hill Elementary?

In the mere days following the horrific Sandy Hill School shooting, the anti-gun agenda has been full speed ahead. Even before the end of the first 24 hour news cycle, even before the victims had been identified and families notified... The Brady and several other anti-gun groups had the audacity to roll out donation websites and mass email solicitations citing the incident. Then to add to their repugnance, their leaders, lobbyists, celebrities and political allies hunted down every camera and microphone within a thousand yards. All of course calling for draconian gun control, and for everyone watching or within the sound of their voice to go to www-whatever and donate “as little as five dollars” (sound familiar?) to aid in the cause.

It’s a sorry fact but a reality of human nature that in the early hours of common shock and horror, such donation sites and emails can and will pull in literally millions. President Obama is also well aware there is window of opportunity to be exploited. Perhaps that is why the President has asked his so-called blue ribbon panel (anti-gunners all), headed up by V. P. Biden to have proposals on his desk come January. Especially if he intends to issue executive orders so to circumvent the swearing in of the new Congress, where cooler heads and constitutionality might prevail.

The most common question being somewhat smugly asked is why would anyone want a military style or assault configured rifle in the first place? OK, well why would anyone want a chopper, motocross racer, or what’s commonly referred to as a “crotch rocket” motorcycle instead of a Vespa style scooter? Why would anyone want a mountain bike, Tour-de-France road bike or BMC racer over a Beach Cruiser bicycle? Why would anyone desire a Corvette, Jaguar, Porsche or Ferrari over a hybrid compact car? Its called choice, a concept that liberal intellectuals and the Democrat ruling class can’t seem to get a grip on when it comes to things like which school parents may sent their children too. But I digress.

The facts are that today for reasons of pure political correctness, in New York City you can’t buy a soda pop larger than sixteen ounces, or a Chick-Fil-A sandwich. In Sacramento you can’t buy a live animal as a pet. And on many American farms water needed to grow much needed crops has been literally turned off in order to protect the habitat of a one inch fish that thrives in other areas. These and so many other restrictions were enacted, always “for the good of the children”, by agenda driven politicians and bureaucrats without any regard for the Constitutional right of choice by the American people.

And never mind how the hypocrisy launches from the footlights, banks off the teleprompter and is happily repeated by a liberal press, that picks and chooses which part of the story the unwashed masses have the ability to absorb and understand. Thus heaven forbid American’s ever finding out how President Obama cut a Safer Schools grant to Newtown CT that would have funded an armed School Police Officer in that very school on that very day. Or how those tax dollars and other funding meant strictly for the safety and protection of American children went instead to stimulus debacles:

  • Solyndra
  • Bright Source
  • LSP Energy
  • Amonix
  • Energy Conversion Devices
  • Abound Solar
  • Beacon Power
  • Ecotality
  • A123 Solar
  • Unisolar
  • Azure Dynamics
  • Evergreen Solar
  • Enr1

Each conveniently owned or run by a gold ribbon supporter, donator or campaign donation bundler, to both Obama’s original and re-election campaigns.

Could Obama have still funded his stimulus if he had not diverted those few thousands of Newtown CT grant dollars that would have placed a School Police Officer in Sandy Hill Elementary? Not to mention all the other cut or redirected Safer Schools grants that would have placed School Police Officers in your child’s school? An Officer properly trained and armed to stop the very kind of attack that took place without warning on that fateful day? I guess we will never know.

Another interesting fact the media has decided we the people either don’t deserve to know or are unable to (politically) correctly comprehend, is how Colorado shooter James Holmes passed three of several other theaters that night. All showing the new Batman and all with show times relatively the same. So what if anything made Holmes choose that particular theater? Might it have been because of all the theaters in that area, he chose the only one with a clearly posted sign prohibiting the concealed carrying of firearms upon the property? Since James Holmes was taken alive, an interviewing F.B.I. profiler may someday get that question answered. But the answer is fairly obvious.

The Clinton ban did little to stop gangs and other criminals from getting AK-47s like the one that killed Jamal Shaw. Nor did it affect the number of drive-byes and other gun crimes committed by criminals who well knew their law abiding unarmed victims could not shoot back. And by the way, has anyone polled the citizens of bankrupt cities like San Bernardino CA, whose own City Attorney publicly and in no uncertain terms, told residents to “lock your doors and load your guns”, about giving up their rights to own or possess a firearm equal to or better than the firepower already illegally possessed by criminals? Don’t hold your breath on that one.

Any answer to preventing such incidents in the future will take much more than simply banning any one type or configuration of gun(s) legally and safely used and enjoyed by millions of Americans. Cooler and much more rational heads from ALL sides of the issue must get together and prevail over the pain, fear and outright hate generated by those with narrow agendas. And who narcissisticly believe “they” know so much better how we should live our lives than “we do”.

So before you add to the call or support the ban of any product or device, even assault style and semi-auto sporting rifles. Get to know all the facts and harshly consider just what rights and liberties you will really be giving up, and setting a clear bureaucratic precedent for the future. Long before the saying “be very careful what you wish for”, founding father Benjamin Franklin made the point: “Those who would give up Essential Liberty to purchase a little Temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety.”

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