Redlands Delegate Julie Biggs Checks in From GOP Convention in Tampa, Fla.

Biggs, a Redlands attorney and convention delegate representing the new 31st Congressional District, phoned Redlands-Loma Linda Patch from the convention floor Wednesday afternoon.

Redlands attorney Julie Biggs checked in Wednesday afternoon from the Republican National Convention in Tampa, where she said she feels privileged to be representing Redlands and Loma Linda as the GOP sets its sights on November and the White House.

"We didn't have any activity Monday of course because of the storm," Biggs said in a phone call from the Tampa Bay Times Forum, an arena with room for 20,000 where most of the action is taking place.

Biggs is a delegate to the convention, a role she earned as chair of the San Bernardino County campaign for Mitt Romney. In Redlands she works for Burke, Williams & Sorenson.

"We cast our votes as delegates on Tuesday," Biggs said. "Yesterday was sort of a marathon, starting with breakfast, where we heard from Darrell Issa, and Hugh Hewitt and Dennis Prager."

Highlights Tuesday for Biggs included speeches by Ann Romney, New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie, and Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker.

"It was the first time I got to see Ann," Biggs said. "She was an excellent speaker. I anticipated she would be very good, but I did not anticipate the passion behind what she was saying.

"Everything she said was cast in terms not just of their relationship but in terms of what we can do for the country," Biggs said. "She really nailed virtually all the issues that needed to be addressed, and she did it in a positive way, in a statement of love, honor, duty, principle and commitment to the country. She was outstanding."

Wednesday at the convention center Biggs said she was enjoying the humidity and afternoon temperatures in the low to mid 80s, comfortable enough being so near the water on Tampa Bay.

"It's nicer than I expected," Biggs said. "There are so many people here. The arena's full. Delegates, guests, security, media."

Biggs said she was looking forward to Paul Ryan's speech Wednesday night and Romney's acceptance speech on Thursday. She said she'll be leaving Tampa Friday morning.

"It is particularly significant for me to be representing the Redlands and Loma Linda area in Tampa because the convention is the culmination of our Democratic political process," Biggs said.

"What has been most reassuring is there are so many people here who think the way I do," Biggs said. "That this is a significant election for the United States of America. That this election really goes to the heart of the fundamental relationship between government and the people it serves."

Asked whether she's come across any discord at the convention, from pro-life conservatives or supporters of Republican Senate candidate Todd Akin and his recent remarks about "legitimate rape," Biggs gave a measured response.

"I am not entirely in accord with everything on the Republican platform but regardless, in politics we sometimes don't agree on everything," Biggs said. "In terms of direction, we're on point with a general consensus on where the party should go, in particular with the presidency.

"Whatever the differences are, they are minor compared to the need to replace this president."

Before heading to Tampa, Biggs spoke last week with Warren Olney on KCRW's "Which Way L.A.?" about her role at the convention. To read a report on the interview, . To listen to the Biggs interview, click here.

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Amanda Frye August 30, 2012 at 04:50 AM
Kim Rhode is speaking at the Republican Convention too. Kim was so nice when she was in Redlands.


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