Fundraiser for Loma Linda University Behavioral Medicine Center in Redlands

The 5th Annual Seeds of Hope fundraising dinner is free and open to the public, a university spokeswoman said. Reservations are required.

Mental illness and addiction will be a focus of the 5th Annual Seeds of Hope fundraising dinner hosted by the Loma Linda University Behavioral Medicine Center in Redlands, a university spokeswoman said Thursday.

The event is scheduled 5 p.m. to 7 p.m. Tuesday Oct. 16 in the Mitten Building at 345 N. 5th St.

"The fundraising dinner is free and open to the public, although space is limited," university spokeswoman Briana Pastorino said. "Reservations must be made by Oct. 12."

Attendees will have donation opportunities at the event, Pastorino said.

A Beaumont woman who is recovering from addiction is a scheduled speaker, Pastorino said.

"Jamie Rocha of Beaumont will share with attendees how LLUBMC changed not only her life, but the life of her family as well," Pastorino said.

The 36-year-old wife and mother of three has been dealing with addiction since her late teens after being injured in a traffic accident, Pastorino said.

"My addiction was up and down," Rocha said. "I had good years and bad years."

Rocha visited the Behavioral Medicine Center in 2006 and stayed sober two-and-a-half years, Pastorino said.

"When my addiction got the best of me again, I knew I needed help, and I knew Loma Linda was the place to go," Rocha said. "The Behavioral Medicine Center gave me the best summer of my life, and my family was with me every step of the way."

Jamie took part in the Loma Linda University Behavioral Medicine Center's chemical dependency program during the summer of 2012, Pastorino said.

"Her husband also went through the family program, and their children supported their mom by going through the CIRCLE program," Pastorino said.

CIRCLE is an acronym for Children in Recovery, Cope, Learn, Empower, according to Loma Linda University.

"Because of these amazing programs at the Behavioral Medicine Center, my family now has the tools to know how to recognize not just when I have a problem, but they know their own personal boundaries and how to recognize issues in their own lives as well," Rocha said.

Many programs are available at the Behavioral Medicine Center, administrator Jill Pollock said.

"Jamie and her family are one of the many families who have been given a new chance at life from the care they received at the Behavioral Medicine Center," Pollock said.

"We are thankful for the opportunity to be a place of healing in our community, and to have this chance to share with others about the lives transformed at Seeds of Hope," Pollock said.

Reservations are required to attend and can be made by contacting Jessica Rorick at 909-558-3555 or jrorick@llu.edu.

Loma Linda University Behavioral Medicine Center is located at 1710 Barton Road in Redlands.

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