Explosions Rock Boston Marathon; 6 Redlands, 2 Loma Linda Racers Participating

A total of eight local runners were scheduled participants of Monday's Boston Marathon, which was rocked by two explosions near the race's finish line. (Scroll below the Storify post to see names of area runners.)

The 2013 Boston Marathon was rocked by two explosions near its finish line, about four hours, nine minutes into the race.

According to the race's website, a total of six runners from Redlands took part in the race:

  • Jennifer Burrows, 29, who finished in 03:55:44
  • Steven Petrolino, 51, who finished in 03:31:28
  • Carl Rossi, 50, who finished in 03:25:35
  • Dany Schimpf, 41, who finished in 03:19:07
  • Shari Todd, 38, who finished in 04:14:08

The sixth person, 62-year-old Harvey Hansen didn't have a finish time recorded, though he had reached the 40K mark at 4 hours, three minutes, into the race– just before the explosion, according to marathon result data.  The lack of a finish time can possibly be attributed to the fact that some racers were diverted away from the bomb scene.

There were also two people from Loma Linda in the race:

  • Veronica Nieto, 39, who finished in 03:35:49
  • Moses Christian, 80, whose data stops at the half-way mark with 03:03:04

The status of the runners is not yet known, as it’s not clear yet who was injured.

It's likely that others from the city travelled out there to give them support. Patch will continue to report this story as it develops and bring news about our local runners as we hear more.

If you know anyone of these people, please encourage them to contact their family members, and let us know in the comments.

The Associated Press reports that two people have died, and at least 23 others were injured in the explosions.


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